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Shorter Biography Is Changing the Narrative of the Autobiography

Live on Indiegogo, Shorter Biography is an online web-based platform that provides everyone the opportunity to write their own autobiography.


Stamford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2016 --Shorter Biography, the revolutionary new online platform providing people around the world an opportunity to write their autobiography, is live on IndieGogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The innovative web service provides users the benefit of a low-cost dynamic platform to capture their life stories and if desired to share as a keepsake. Currently, writing an autobiography is a long and complex process, involving biographers, taking specialist writing courses and often spending thousands of dollars in the process. Shorter Biography can significantly shorten this timeline and decrease costs.

The company passionately believes in the power of every individual's story. From love, loss, hardship, failure, and success and believes that everyone deserves to record and share their personal story, document history, and preserve memories.

"There are so many amazing "ordinary" people in this world who have stories and experiences that go untold! We would like to change that and offer a place for those willing to leave their imprint on the fabric called life which we are promoting and celebrating with our platform," says CEO and co-founder Wasim Khan.

In a fast moving and transient society filled with fast moving tweets and disappearing photos, the company hopes to complement the way we share and record our thoughts with a much more in-depth and long form autobiography format.

Shorter Biography contains several important features that are specifically geared toward autobiography writing. The recording features include predictive content and milestone triggers to help users brainstorm, writing guidelines and tips as users move through your chapters, and voice-to-text capture of notes that are stored automatically.

The collaborative features provide an easy and engaging writing experience with options to share work in progress with friends and family, connect to key social media sites to share and pull data from, and finally request secure input into a particular chapter.nOnce the autobiography is complete, users are able to bring the story to life by finishing the book by sending to print or saving online, creating a custom autobiography book cover, and using professional editing services to review and edit

Shorter Biography is now live and available to support on Indiegogo here:

About Shorter Biography
Shorter Biography is an online web-based platform that provides everyone the opportunity to write their own autobiography. The company offers a self-service capability to bring user's stories to life and to share it with their friends and family as a keepsake and as an ongoing legacy. Their goal is to provide an engaging, seamless, and interactive writing experience. They believe that everyone has a story to tell and want to enable the capture of life stories. Their online services provide a set of templates, writing guidelines, and automated technologies to help you write on-the-go and wherever you are.

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