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Shower Lagoon Owner Recommends Impact Resistant Glass for Automotives & Construction

Owner of Shower Lagoon, explains why impact-resistant glass is best for automotives and construction.


Woodbridge, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2018 --According to industry experts, the market for impact-resistant glass is expected to increase immensely by 2025, owing to its ability to prevent accidents. Nelly Zaia, the owner of Shower Lagoon, a leader in Canada's glass shower industry, recommends the use of impact-resistant glass for construction and infrastructure for this reason.

"The technology with which impact-resistant glass is made ensures then chances of any mishap with glass doors and windows are lessened," says Zaia. "This is why we recommend this glass for construction of storefronts, shower enclosures, railings, staircases, floors, windows, partitions, table-tops and automotive windshields."

"This type of glass derives its strength from its interlayer which is made from polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and is fixed between two or more glass layers. The strength of this glass is directly proportional to the number of interlayers between the glass layers" Zaia explains.

"High-speed trains fix this glass at the windshield to protect from any natural calamity. Aircraft windshields are manufactured with three sheets of 6 mm toughened impact-resistant glass interspersed with thick PVB interlayers"

So far, the construction and infrastructure industry is leading the market followed by the automotive industry. Reports reveal, that though the manufacturing cost of this glass is higher than that of non-resistant glass, this will not be a hindrance to its growing demands.

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