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Showsun Lighting Launched the Artistic Hand-Made Glass Blown Chandelier for Subtle Decoration


Zhongshan, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2018 --SHOWSUN LIGHTING was excited to announce the launch of the Artistic Hand-made Glass Blown Chandelier (Model: SSL180627) to market on Monday, July 2nd, 2018. This Artistic Hand-made Glass Blown Chandelier (Model: SSL180627) is composed of the colorful hand-blown glass bubbles suspended by stainless steel wires at varying distances. Each bubble is individual and unique with its smooth surface and plating in a metal mirror-like effect color that makes the design livelier. Unlike any other traditional luxury lighting fixtures that have been seen before, it is brilliant and radiant, completing the whole subtle interior design and making a flamboyant but also cool and classy statement.

Every piece of the floating glass bubble in the air is held by the sturdy but imperceptible stainless-steel wires. The whole collection brings dynamics and creates careless beautiful lighting shades. It is well-designed to be suitable for any types of rooms like a hotel, villa, church, salon, restaurant, banquet hall, shopping mall, giving it a sense of vivacity, elegance, and fashion. The overall space gets illuminated at a time.

This Showsun new launch collection could surely attract either the Showsun long-term customers' or lighting lovers' attention for its modern, graceful, simple but stylish design, and go to the top of the to-buy-list of the world-class hotel buyers. Not sure if the size is able to be looking good in interior designs?Because of its unique glass bubbles and adjustable wires, people who are intending to enrich the style with choosing chandelier could save their concerns of Its size and the length of wires.

Showsun Lighting believes that this new product provides a visual feast for every guest invited to the place. One of the designers of Showsun said, "No matter your ceiling is a concrete ceiling, false ceiling, stainless steel ceiling, wood ceiling, dome, inclined roof etc., we do can provide you with the hanging solution to match your construction." Not surprisingly, this new model goes with the standard services by Showsun that each set will have a trial assembly to make sure its structure reasonable and safe, meanwhile, all the parts can be assembled together without any problems. It has multiple ceiling plans for meeting different ceiling construction needs. Showsun Lighting supplies exquisite crystal lighting fixtures across the world assorted to project chandeliers, large chandeliers, and residential chandeliers. To know more, please visit Showsun Lighting's official website. About Showsun Lighting Established in 2011 in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, China, devoted to providing the best quality products and professional service for customers, Showsun Lighting has been focusing on customizing high-end chandeliers for projects like hotel, villa, church, salon, restaurant, banquet hall, shopping mall. Its main export market in Europe, North and South America, Oceania. It is a large-scale engineering custom factory specialized indoor lighting.