SHOWVEN Organize SHOWVEN INDUSTRY PARK Groundbreaking Ceremony


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2020 --SHOWVEN holds the groundbreaking ceremony of SHOWVEN Industry Park on Apr 28th, 2020. Dr. Chen Jiangbo, the chairman of the board, attended the commemoration with all the SHOWVENers in the Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. "Today, we set the first stone that will be the foundation of a better future," with these words, the CEO announced a new chapter in SHOWVEN's history.  
About the groundbreaking Ceremony
 Special effects have always been a key part of the entertainment industry. SHOWVEN Industry Park aims at promoting culture and tourism through the development and research of novel technologies. 
The site covers an area of 51mu (3.4 hectares), with 40,000 square meters reserved for construction. Most of the space will be dedicated to the production of Sparkular effects. With the local government's support, SHOWVEN will create the largest production base of high-end stage special effects equipment in the world.

SHOWVEN Industrial Park will have several dedicated places. The cluster has special areas designed for the manufacturing, research & development and sales service. Besides, there will be an extensive assigned space for brand display and event organizations. The new production base will be completed within one year. At that point, SHOWVER hopes to provide an even better product and service to its global partners.

Within only five years since its foundations, SHOWVEN has already affirmed itself as one of the leading high-tech enterprises in China's special effects industry. In the years to come, the Company plans to invest in further expansions in foreign markets. Despite the young age, SHOWVEN has already a well-established international reputation. Owner of over eighty national and eight international PCT patents, the enterprise products are CE, RoHS, FCC certified. These accreditations further confirm the quality of the SHOWVEN offer. Other than the newly developed sparkular series (sparkler fountain fireworks), the company portfolio includes sparkular machines, flower sprayers, flamethrowers, smoke machines, and fog machines.
Sparkular effects have many applications in different fields. Sparkular machines may be used for TV programs, concerts, sports events, theme parks, and shows. In other instances, a cold spark fountain machine can be also seen at weddings or during celebrations. Major events also are perfect stages for intelligent optoelectronic special effects: The World Cup, CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and New York Times Square New Year's Eve are just a few of the numerous examples.
Several tools, including the sparkular series, have been since their creation filling the industry gaps. SHOWVEN spark fountain machine were able to bring additional value to the whole entertainment business. Currently, the company intelligent optoelectronic special effect equipment is sold in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. 
SHOWVER is ambitious and ready for the next endeavor. Investing in the audacious project of establishing the world's largest intelligent optoelectronic special effects production center, it is the testimony of the brand's commitment and achievements.

Strong foundations can lead to steady growth. The groundbreaking Ceremony of the SHOWVEN Industrial Park set the first stone for a bright future. In the coming years, the brand is committed to bring innovation in the audio-visual special effects technology and strengthen its network worldwide.
Founded in 2015, SHOWVEN is specialized in special effect solution. The brand core values are innovation, quality and service. The R&D team is composed of over 20 engineers making possible a strict independent quality control system. The Company aims at providing its customer base with safe, environmentally friendly intelligent optoelectronic special effects devices.
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