Signature Kitchen Suite Is Staying "True to Food" by Bringing Innovative Technology Into the Kitchen

Signature Kitchen Suite is launching a number of appliances whose technology can actually help food reach its most flavorful potential.


Napa Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2019 --The Napa Valley startup, backed by LG, has designed appliances that will absolutely innovate the modern kitchen. They have worked with some of the top professionals in the industry to make sure that happens. They've coined the term Technicureans™ for those forward-thinking, highly innovative cooks that want to change the way they can work in the kitchen. With a passion for cooking and an appreciation of innovation, SKS is staying True to Food with their new built-in appliances and cutting-edge technologies.

Signature Kitchen Suite recently invited over a dozen industry professionals and influencers, including Construction2Style, out to New York to test their products, because they care about curating to the needs of those Technicureans™. This up and coming generation of cooks can embrace technology in the kitchen with WiFi-enabled appliances and touchscreen options that make everything easier, and just a whole lot cooler, to be honest.

Their 48-inch range, for example, is not only WiFi enabled with the SmartThinQ™ app, but has a built-in Sous Vide, with temperature controls and alerts right to the app. This is jaw-dropping technology that can allow people to cook like the pros, from the comfort of their home. Morgan Molitor of Construction2Style spoke to their innovation, "Imagine not even having to be in the kitchen to monitor your food, it's amazing. The SmartThinQ™ app tells me exactly what the temperature is, and how much longer it has to cook - wow."

In a time where people want to eat healthier but have less time to cook, this all-in-one system is solving that problem. With the built-in Sous Vide cooking method, smart steam capabilities, and touch screen options for the perfect temperature, the Signature Kitchen Suite line is promoting the highest quality food prep plus healthy eating. Restaurateurs and Technicureans™ alike can fully utilize the SKS features to get the most of our their cooking experience while staying True to Food.

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