Silo Grill Is an Ultra Compact Grill That Lets Users Barbecue on-the-Go


Copenhagen, Hovedstaden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2016 --The Silo-Design Grill by Copenhagen Trade, a Danish Designed and Produced compact solution that allows users to barbecue on the go, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Launching right in time for summer, the Silo Grill is an all new compact grill and barbecue design for the consumer who is conscious about the environment. The Silo Grill is CO2 friendly as it uses up to three times less charcoal to barbecue food.

"The world needs a smaller designed grill – for the sailor on his boat, for the student who invite friends over (Pizza is not good for you) – shortly said it's the perfect urban barbecue to be used everywhere where you have a small spot outside," says founder and designer of Silo-Design, Mr. Tue T. Elskaer.

The Silo Grill is the perfect sized grill for urban city life. Perfect for grilling on a balcony, or even functioning as a heater for cool nights by the beach. More than just a grill, the Silo introduces a new lifestyle centered around on-the-go barbecuing . The Design is perfect for marinated food, no flames to burn the food or dangerous cancer-causing toxins emitted.

The Silo Grill is available in three different compact sizes and comes available in the Signature Red Silo color, which makes it the perfect conversation starter.

"A grill that is not only a tool to barbecue your food – it´s a natural " dinner topic " when your guests arrive," adds Elskaer, "the design makes it a topic starter when your neighbor asks where you use it, where'd you get it, how can they get one, and… and then its up to you to continue from there as the Silo Grill opens up a world of possibilities.

The Silo Grill is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Silo-Design & Copenhagen Trade
Silo-Design & Copenhagen Trade is a partnership between a reward winning architect / industrial designer, Mr. Tue Teinar Elskaer and owner of Cph-Trade, Mr. Thomas Larner who has more than 25 years experience in sourcing, product development, production , purchase & sales to high-end brands to the Scandinavian Furniture & different industries focusing on quality and high service. It's a design and production mastermind who meet with unique skills in their fields, so as two super hero's we are ready to save the world from bad design & quality in the products we have develop / will develop.

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