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Silver Envelope Announces New Collaboration with My Halal Kitchen During Eid Season

Eid time and the annual Hajj pilgrimage brings muslim businesses together


Richmond, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2013 --With the end of the Eid season and after being named a top trending start-up by the American Muslim Consumer Conference, Silver Envelope, the Islamic Stationery and Party company, is announcing a new collaboration with My Halal Kitchen, one of the foremost voices in the world on halal food. As part of this collaboration the two companies are committed to bringing fun, engaging and collaborative products to the halal food and islamic party market.

Ms. Smith, founder of Silver Envelope explains, "People love halal food and people love celebrating. It is a natural combination. We can't think of a better and more engaging partner than Yvonne and My Halal Kitchen. For years My Halal Kitchen has shown it's commitment to our community as a relentless and exciting voice in the halal food community. I really believe collaborations with like-minded friends will drive our entire Ummah (community) forward. A foundational hadith for me and one that helps guide our business is, "Faithful believers are to each other as the bricks of a wall, supporting and reinforcing each other." We only succeed if we all succeed. Our collaboration with Yvonne and My Halal Kitchen is a first step towards that goal."

Ms. Maffei, CEO of My Halal Kitchen, relays her own enthusiasm for this new collaboration, "I absolutely love working with Raana, the incredibly creative mind behind Silver Envelope, masha’allah. She’s a complete joy to work with, she is so open to new ideas and has an eye for beautiful design- that alone enticed me to want to collaborate on the creation of Silver Envelope products. What is so exciting is we get to create things that have never been done before that can bridge cultural divides and also empower our own community through fun and engaging products."

As a first part of this collaboration, Silver Envelope and My Halal Kitchen have produced a line of Sweet Dawah Kits, cupcake and cookie educational kits which are both festive and educational. They cover four holidays and topics: Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, Islam and Ramadan. Ms. Maffei adds, "The Sweet Dawah Kits are the perfect marriage between the homemade versions I’ve been creating for years and Raana’s ability to bring our design ideas to fruition and into a product that can be offered to friends and neighbors. What is so exciting is that now there is actually something available for all of us to give to those who don’t quite know about our traditions and learn about them in a very beautiful way. It’s the way I had always dreamed we could do it! "

Ms. Smith chimes in on the future, "We have had such a good time collaborating so far, can't wait to see what the future brings. I believe the people who best know what the needs of our Ummah (community) are people from within our Ummah. To disconnect our deen from our products is to lose the soul of our products and the purpose for which they were created. Working with Yvonne, who has such a strong sense of purpose and community, has been such a blessing."

About Silver Envelope:

Silver Envelope is the nation's first Islamic Party & Stationery company founded in 2001. The company is based in the United States and Qatar. Recently named a top 5 trending start-up by the American Muslim Consumer Conference, the company offers fun, elegant and modern Islamic party products and gifts that make Islamic holidays more fun. Featured in the Huffington Post, Disney Baby and the Chicago Tribune among others, Silver Envelope seeks to bridge old and new Islamic traditions and bring practical party solutions for modern muslim families.

About My Halal Kitchen
My Halal Kitchen is the leading online resource for halal cooking, food information and lifestyle inspiration available to halal foodies and Muslim consumers. The company was started in 2008 by publisher and food blogger Yvonne Maffei to create public awareness about the availability of quality halal products and resources, as well as halal alternatives for cooking and baking ingredients. Her site and her recipes have been featured in CBS, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, CNN's Eatocracy, Ad Week, and NPR. The company aims to provide home cooks with the tools to prepare wholesome halal meals, information on DIY projects, crafting and celebrating what matters most to muslim and other conscientious consumers.