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Simlatus Chairman Discusses Promising Future on Uptick Network's Stock Day Podcast

Simlatus Launches "SyncPal" and the "Immersive Broadcast System" in 2017


Grass Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2016 --Simlatus Corporation (OTCPINK:SIML) announces today that Chairman, Robert "Bob" Stillwaugh gave a radio interview yesterday with host Everett Jolly of the Uptick Network's Stock Day Podcast to discuss a promising future for Simlatus Corp.

Bob Stillwaugh gave a stellar interview to let viewers know of the 19 years of commercial broadcast studio sales of Simlatus products with customers such as CBS, FOX and DirecTV, and gave insight to a future with new technology products for 2017 that will drive revenues, considering that the company target revenue is $30M for SyncPal sales over the following 24 months. "Everywhere there is a commercial TV camera, our product can be utilized", stated Bob Stillwaugh. He further stated that "We will be looking into products used for internet audio/video applications. Most of our new products will be focused on smart-phone Wi-Fi applications and immersive internet applications."

Simlatus has the infrastructure of engineers and programmers, as well as strong relationships with the world's most reputable broadcasting studios to support and launch its newest product line.

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SyncPal™ is a cost-competitive commercial product with advanced applications for large broadcast studios. The proprietary technical applications allow the studio to quickly correct audio/video problems caused when the audio is out of sync with the video.  The SyncPal™ will provide solutions for the 10,000 USA-based and 100,000 international studios, with projections of $30M in revenue for Simlatus.

Simlatus-IBS™ will include commercial immersive augmented/virtual reality applications for studio engineers. This new immersive technology will allow the customer to control and manage the studio audio/video systems from anywhere in the world. These products are being developed to serve a market segment strongly embraced by consumers and is forecast, by some of the most widely recognized tech companies in the world, as becoming a multi-billion dollar market in the very near future. The Market Analysis and IP Portfolio will include new patents specifically developed for these products and owned by the Company.

Simlatus Corporation designs, manufactures and sells commercial audio and video broadcast equipment worldwide. The company has a current expanding revenue base in the broadcast industry with long-term national and international distribution. Our customers include large broadcast giants such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and DIRECTV, as well as many smaller broadcast customers which include religious facilities, international broadcast facilities, colleges, and radio stations. The new Simlatus-IBS™ will allow the company to capitalize in the $120B growing industry of augmented/virtual reality.

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Robert Stillwaugh, Chairman
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