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Simple Yet Ingenious New Product Completely Solves Age-Old Dilemma of Melting Ice in Coolers

New CoolerMate Insert simplifies the lives of everyone who uses a cooler with its solution to wet, soggy food and digging around in the icy cooler to find it. Pulling quadruple duty, the CoolerMate Insert also provides clean, cold drinking water and ups the ante on overall cooling time.


Cobleskill, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2016 --Since when does a camper love to fish out floating butter or a soggy egg carton from a cooler losing its cool? Thanks to an innovative new product, no one ever has to again. Helping consumers up the ante on their cooler's refrigeration time, the CoolerMate Insert is the newest solution. It eliminates the need for inconvenient ice replacement, provides a source of clean water, and can keep food and drinks ice cold for days at a time. What more could a cooler user ask for?

Consumers can fill the CoolerMate Insert with ice cubes and water or simply fill it with water and freeze it solid before placing it into their cooler. The CoolerMate Insert also comes with a convenient, easy to use siphon that allows the user to drain the ice melt from the cooler without ever unpacking it, providing fresh, cold drinking water.

Designed to fit a variety of 48 to 60-quart non-wheeled coolers the CoolerMate Insert, when frozen, is equivalent to a 20 lb block of ice. Happy consumers report the CoolerMate Insert has stayed frozen and maintained their cooler's temperature at 42 degrees for up to four days while in direct sun. In side by side testing with the same quantity of loose ice, the CoolerMate Insert filled with ice cubes and water will extend the cooling capacity of ice by 15%. A frozen Insert increases the cooling capacity by an amazing 65%! All this and a lifetime warranty too.

Ted Krisowaty, Co-Owner/Developer, SoCool Products, LLC said of the new product release, "The CoolerMate Insert frees a cooler user from the hassles of shifting ice cubes and disintegrating food labels. Cold, wet hands digging in the ice are frustrating as well as refilling the cooler and worrying about your perishable food. It's exciting, knowing that our product actually harnesses the naturally occurring process of convection to keep food cold and dry, just like at home. The CoolerMate Insert doesn't solve just one problem….It solves every problem we all have ever experienced while using loose ice in our coolers."

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The CoolerMate Insert measures 19" long by 10" wide by 9-3/4" high. The lower floor measures 2" tall. Larger and smaller sizes are slated for production.

Ted Krisowaty
Co-Owner/Developer, SoCool Products LLC


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