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Simply Lids Inc. to Present the 2015 Simply Lid During the New Year

The recyclable, disposable 2015 Simply Lid will give beverage consumers a new drinking experience.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2014 --Simply Lid Inc. has announced the 2015 Simply Lid. The recyclable, disposable lid gives consumers of hot and cold beverages a new drinking experience through its unique, innovative design. The 2015 Simply Lid is a product of Simply Lids Inc. President John Newman’s desire to create a disposable lid that gave the same experience as drinking from a reusable commuter mug. The design process began in the 1980’s when an everyday hot beverage lid was a flat disk, whose sole purpose was to seal a cup. To drink the beverage consumers had two choices: remove the lid completely or tear a pie-shaped opening in the lid and drink it from there.

Newman’s vision became a reality when he and his business partner, Michael Booth, came together to design and manufacture not only the lid, but the Simply Slider, an innovative marketing piece which moves back and forth to seal the drinking hole. The two-part 2015 Simply Lid showcases the research and development conducted by Newman and Booth. Not only is the lid spill-proof because of how it molds and hugs the rim of the cup and the sealing action of the Simply Slider, but also is splash proof from the positioning of the drinking hole and the deep reservoir that allows any excess liquid to be contained.

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About Simply Lids Inc.
A stroke of genius resulting from a frustrating, flimsy coffee lid at an Orange County convenience store in the 1980’s led to the development of Simply Lids. The unsafe hot beverage lids that challenge you to tear a pie-shaped mouth hole had been the norm for too long. Simply Lids has been enthusiastically received by many coffee sellers because of the refreshingly improved design and customization options. Simply Lids won an award at Coffee Fest 2011 and was an Edison Awards 2012 Nominee. Simply Lids Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coastal Integrated Services Inc., COLV. Contact Simply Lids Inc. at (702) 720-6757 and via email at