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Single Lady Home Appreciation Versus Single Men

Recently, reported that property owned by single women tends to appreciate less than single men. This was backed, of course, by stats.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2016 --It is a fact, that in most states, property owned by single men does appreciate more often than the single ladies in the same states. There were a few exceptions with ladies leading in home appreciation in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Kentucky, Kansas, and Virginia. As for the remainder of the country—you guessed it, their male counterparts take the lead. But the real question is…why?

Unfortunately, it is true that men tend to make more than ladies, regardless of affirmative action laws, etc. This is just the way it is. And the stats back it. The same article listed the theory on annual income differences between males and females.It also mentioned that men tend to invest in homes that are worth more, resulting in the increased likelihood of future home appreciation. But do these things really have anything to do with it, or could something else be at play here? Is this theory, or fact?

The real reasons for home appreciation; the truth is, gender has nothing to do with a home's appreciation. And neither does the value of the home. Of course, a home that's not taken care of and maintained is at risk of depreciation. But when it comes to the actual long-term appreciation of the home—the home and the annual income of the property owner has nothing to do with it. It all boils down to—location.Perhaps it's possible, theoretically, that males simply invest more wisely in the location of the property. And that in the states where the female takes the lead in home appreciation, those females, too, made wise location investments, because as any realtor knows, it's all about the location.

There are several drivers when it comes to increased appreciation of a home due to its location. What location drivers can make or break a home? Investopedia cites factors such as neighborhood types, the average age of persons residing in the neighborhood, unattractive homes, smaller homes, and the future development of the land affect appreciation.Regarding neighborhood types, examples include family friendly areas with little traffic—areas that are safe for children and pets. Regarding the small and unattractive home why would the small, unattractive home appreciate more than the more stylish, higher priced home? Because of the local area's supply and demand.To even out the playing field for males and females, it looks like females should look more into the location of the property their investing in, if ROI is truly something they're after, which leads to another question. How do we know the intended goals of the single ladies? Maybe they weren't thinking about home appreciation?In the end, if anyone, male or female, wants to expect a hefty return on investment when investing in real estate property, the eye should be on the land and not just the home that sits on the land. Buyers should look beyond the price of the home and the style of the home, seeing into the value of the land and try seeing into the crystal ball of the future as to what the future holds for that piece of land.

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