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Single Rwandan Seeks Crowdfunding

Transmedia Project on the Search for Love After Genocide Seeks Crowdfunding for Production


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2014 --Franco­ Rwandan producer­ director Jacqueline Kalimunda launches a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for participatory financing of SINGLE RWANDAN. The project is the first romantic documentary portraying Rwandan singles, couples and families utilizing new technologies like the Internet to reconstruct themselves 20 years after the genocide. It asks : 'How do we love in the 21st century in a society just emerging from the anguish of genocide?'

WHAT: Single Rwandan Crowdfunding Campaign
WHEN: Now till December 27
WHERE: Indiegogo:

Questioning love is a simple way to question how we deal with one another. Being in a couple teaches us to look at the world through someone else's eyes. Through the different characters who tell their stories and who share their experiences, their perspectives, their visions, Single Rwandan explores the reality of love in Rwanda today. Audiences will meet and interact with many Rwandans, including Donatille Nigabwire, a 42­year­old florist whose shop helped her raise twelve children who survived the genocide; 33­year­old rapper­actor Gaston, a lonely heart despite a Facebook page filled with friends; Nsenga, now 26, who became a father in 2014, 20 years after he hid under his bed and watched his parents and younger brother being killed; and Neza, a 23­year­old journalism student, who wants to be the voice of the voiceless, yet admits she is uncomfortable talking about the past.

Why Single Rwandan?

The project’s creator Jacqueline Kalimunda (Homeland, Imagine Africa) says, “Single Rwandan is the first documentary that explores the rebirth of love in Rwanda. No film has explored this essential question. Yet, how people rebuild themselves is as important as the rebuilding of roads and bridges— if not more so. More personally, I'm producing Single Rwandan for the love of my four­year­old daughter. She's in her questioning age. This documentary is my way to give a constructive answer to her questions about Rwanda, about the death of her grand father and about the commemoration ceremonies”.

Why Crowdfunding?

“Because Single Rwandan is first and foremost a people's documentary”, says Kalimunda, “we believe it needs the input of citizens of the world who have an interest in, or empathy for, the subject, at every stage, including the funding process. We need to complete our budget and be able to act quickly in collecting love stories in Rwanda. We already have support from the media in Rwanda, in France, TFI New Media Fund and The Ford Foundation in the United States and the project was presented at the Pixel Market in London. Now we're asking the people themselves to help make Single Rwandan a reality.”

For more information, see us on Indiegogo: Facebook at, on vimeo or call +33 688 591 938.

About Franco­ Rwandan
I've been a movie writer-director-producer for the past 12 years. My films have been screened all around the world. But in order to explore this important topic, I decided to make more than just a film. Single Rwandan is an exploration that uses today's tools, the tools the characters in the film—and the audience for the film—use: the Internet, film, art and literature.