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Singularity Networks Releases Next Generation Platform "Elevation 4.0"


Lone Tree, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2018 --Security Platform Provider Singularity Networks recently debuted the latest version of its flagship product, Elevation ™ 4.0, on March 12, 2018.  Elevation ™ is a state-of-the-art platform targeted at MSSPs and enterprises, designed to provide real-time security and visibility in a compact and simple VM solution.

"We believe our role is to make MSSPs and enterprises more successful for their customers by providing a simplified way to tie together each unique customer environment into a common workflow," says Singularity President Bill Sella. "By creating a common method of supporting these diverse environments with Elevation ™ 4.0, MSSPs and enterprises are able to deliver more value using less time from their valuable analysts and engineers."

Engineered under the guidance of chief technology officer Jim Sella, Elevation™ 4.0 benefits users with a series of upgraded and groundbreaking features:

- Enhanced UX – The user interface (UI) has been updated to provide more details with improved graphics

- Advanced Multi-tenancy – When MSSPs and enterprises review multiple customers/departments simultaneously, their security professionals can toggle between systems quickly, with the option to hold state if they see something interesting and forward actionable data directly to their customers/departments

- Log Analytics – Logs from multi-vendors security solutions, applications and servers are now included in the contextual security package

- Retrospective Threat – In addition to the capabilities of identifying actionable data faster with contextual security, users can find breaches by pulling up historical suspicious IPs

- Customizable Dashboard – Allows customers to prioritize what is important and control what security professionals view on their dashboards

- IP Inspector – Provides more drill down capabilities for specific IPs identified that warrant deeper investigation

As with the previous three versions, the Elevation ™ 4.0 API interfaces effortlessly with other products and platforms and offers quick onboarding from demo to set up in one day.

"MSSPs really love the new features of Elevation ™ 4.0 and have quickly rolled them out to their enterprise clients," says Singularity's chief commercial officer Mike Holmes. "It will help our MSSP customers win more business, help our enterprise customers secure their networks better, and allow all customers to identify breaches sooner."  

Explore the next generation security platform with Elevation ™ 4.0 by going to their website and clicking on Test Drive:

About Singularity Networks
Singularity Networks was founded by Dave Mitchell, Bill Sella, Jim Sella and Mike Holmes, four of the nation's leading systems engineers who helped build several Silicon Valley and Internet backbone giants. In Singularity's innovative platform Elevation ™, information from multiple sources is combined to build security for MSSPs and enterprises, essentially making their network data more contextual, easier and faster to work with.

Mike Holmes