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Sink or Swim: Are Your Search Engine Rankings Keeping You Afloat?

One SEO Company seeks to help those struggling with rankings by outlining five common mistakes that significantly hinder the progress of companies seeking to build a strong online presence.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2010 -- Many professionals question why their search engine rankings are not as high as the rankings obtained by their competitors. One SEO Company says the answer may be in the implementation of their SEO. The company asserts, “Not every SEO method is viable in present times, and the ball game has changed significantly in recent years for how pages are ranked on major search engines like Google.” The heavy use of social media is stated by the company to be another major factor, because optimization should also be targeted for these outlets according to the Dallas based firm. One SEO Company has outline five common errors made in the implementation of the process that can have a negative impact on page rankings.

Five Critical Errors

In the best of times and the worst of times, the ranking process can be impacted by a number of factors. The increase in popularity of social media outlets such as Facebook, as well as the inclusion of local based features on major search engines such as Google have for some made determining which SEO avenue to take more complex. One SEO Company seeks to help professionals navigate the waters more effectively, and has outlined five common mistakes to avoid, as a starting point.

• Shying Away from Keyword Variety – Some companies get preoccupied with focusing on one target area, while there are numerous words relevant to popular searches being left out. Thinking like a consumer can help one determine all of the possibilities that may be used to find what one has to offer.

• Neglecting Everything Local – Local keywords and contact numbers are often left out of copy when content for websites is written. Failing to recognize the importance of focusing on local content is a mistake that prevents many pages from being put directly in front of those actively searching for what they can offer.

• Failing to Maintain Accuracy in Content Writing – One of the most avoidable common mistakes is ensuring that there is accurate spelling of keywords and other items used for ranking. This not only can get pages overlooked by search engines, but ignored by consumers due to a lack of professionalism.

• Neglecting Landing Pages – Landing pages are prime locations for keywords related to one’s site; however, many overlook keyword importance of these, and focus only on specific pages for targeting.

• Not Making Use of All SEO Possibilities – Limiting keywords, failing to consider the importance of social media, and only optimizing websites (versus press releases, blogs, etc.) is not beneficial to building a strong web presence. Considering all possibilities entails greater success.

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