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Sinq's Improved Web Portal a Result of Growth in the Home Care Technology Industry

Sinq's Robust Web Portal Improves Home Care and Provider Experience


Lincolnshire, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2018 --Sinq Technologies, a home health care technology and services company, is excited about its growth in the industry, and the subsequent advancements resulting from its success, namely a richer and more robust web portal.

Over the past two years, Sinq has refined its business model to cater to home care agencies and payers to reflect an ever-evolving technological presence in home health care. The collaborative, customizable business model reflects the desire for providers and payers to control their data and tailor Sinq's software for client-specific needs.

"Our unique, customized software has always set us apart from larger home care technology companies," notes Matt Tipples, Sinq's Business Development Executive. "Our improved and built-out web portal creates more effective and efficient care for all parties, and as a result, our business in New Jersey and Virginia is expanding. Our new relationship with the Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice is very rewarding, and we look forward to another VAHC conference in September."

"Sinq's dynamic technology allows for agencies and payers to utilize all of our services based on specific needs. From large to small agencies, to data-only integrator, platform-only perimeters, to all encompassing technology, Sinq is really providing a one-stop shop for home health care," stated Matt. "We acknowledge that Electronic Visit Verification is pervasive in home health care conversations, but EVV is not unique. It will be a requirement, but agencies benefit so much more from our technology that EVV becomes an afterthought."

Sinq's web portal appeals to payers, providers, and clients because of the multitude of roles one can assume when using the technology. The home care office manager, the care team aides, the payers, the clients, become players and active members under the care team umbrella. For that reason, Matt explained, smaller home care agencies feel safe and important when working with Sinq. "Agencies and payers prefer to control their data and extract certain information conveniently. We do not hold their data hostage -- it is theirs to own. We work with agencies who appreciate the immediate, personable care we provide, and we try to understand and create dialogue with organizations that feel left out of the EVV conversation so we can learn how to provide care for all populations in a safe and productive environment."

"There is so much happening at Sinq and with our technology that it would take awhile to discuss, but overall, we are proud of our product, our services, and the clients who rely on us for great technology."

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