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Sixchex Inventor Releases Limited Number of His Revolutionary New Card Game


Gresham, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/29/2015 --Joseph Daniels, inventor of the revolutionary new card game Sixchex™ and founder of Playmax Enterprises, announced that a limited number of the playing decks are now available on and eBay. Each deck features 72 rainbow playing cards that enable players to engage in many new card games, including six-dimensional matching games for fun and increased mental acuity for the introductory price of $9.99.

"Sixchex™ six-way card games will give you the ultimate brain challenge to improve your memory, concentration and mental agility, and make you better at playing ordinary card games such as Rummy, Poker and Blackjack," said Daniels.

The family-friendly deck provides individuals with the opportunity to play dozens of new card games utilizing colors, letters, numbers, pictures, shapes and symbols. Millions of potential combinations are possible with each game, providing families with interesting and enjoyable ways to stimulate the brain, hone mental clarity, and improve memory.

The cards can be utilized to play traditional games involving 52 cards, along with those that can only be played with the Sixchex™ deck. Suitable for 1 to 6 players, games are appropriate for a variety of different age levels and a demonstration can be viewed on the Sixchex™ website. Games aid in developing memory, stimulating abstract thinking, and improving calculating skills that encourage mental fitness.

Each deck includes 72 rainbow playing cards and game rules for dozens of new game experiences. Game aficionados can be the first to collect limited edition decks featuring additional pictures of dating, diet, fitness, holidays and advertising, along with money, professions, sponsors, sports and more.

Physical decks come with instructions on how to download Daniels' free eBook, "Get Rich Inventing Games." Individuals can also play the matching game free online or with the Sixchex™ app for tablets and smartphones.

Sixchex™ games reveal interesting characteristics about players. Individuals will learn what their choice of card colors mean and how to identify their compatibility with other players. Additional game options enable individuals to discover their personality type and career aptitude, all while increasing their mental luminosity.

"After 600 years, it is time for a replacement of the ancient 52 playing cards with Sixchex™, the modern 72 playing card deck," said Daniels. "You can join in celebrating diversity by creating your own games to play with the new playing cards and supporting custom editions for various groups."

The introduction of Sixchex™ to the realm of card games provides individuals with a fun and engaging way to challenge the mind in ways never before envisioned. The family-friendly games offer multiple levels of play to accommodate an extensive range of ages, making ordinary card decks obsolete.

For more information, Daniels can be contacted by phone at 503-201-2558 or by visiting Sixchex™ online.

About Playmax Enterprises
Playmax Enterprises is an American game company specializing in giving a new twist to traditional card and board games such as Sixchex™ card game to replace ordinary playing cards, Synchex® Board games to challenge Chess, and Colinco™, a new dice game. A Registered Nurse and former science teacher, Joseph A. Daniels invented Sixchex™ for his students. Multiple levels of play are available for individuals age six and up, and many decks can be combined for the ultimate mind challenge.

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