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Skin Renaissance Cosmetic Dermatologist Announces New Bellafill Treatment for Acne Scarring


Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2016 --Based in Woodland Hills, California, Dr. Celia Brown MD, who practices cosmetic dermatology, announces a dynamic addition to her practice. Known as an "elite injector" at Skin Renaissance, the physician has begun offering Bellafill® made by Suneva Medical to her clients. This procedure represents a significant clinical advancement as it is the only filler on the market that is FDA approved for acne scarring.

Bellafill® adds volume to the skin to lift and smooth out pitted acne scars to the same level as the surrounding skin. The long-lasting treatment is a simple, in-office procedure with minimal to no downtime.

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the U.S. affecting 40-50 million people. Unfortunately, studies show that up to 95% of people with acne suffer from scarring. Dr. Brown states that these types of acne scars can leave a deeply negative impression on self-image.

She said, "Scarring is not only on the face, people internalize those scars early on; they carry them inside forever, unless we make an effort to treat them. With Bellafill we have the opportunity to help heal those scars and help our patients become more social and more confident in their lives. The correction we can get is amazing, and every acne patient should at least be informed about the possibility of real improvement."

Bellafill® is such a versatile filler that it can be used for cosmetic purposes as well as acne scarring. Although Bellafill® must be injected by a very experienced and highly-trained injector, it is extremely safe. Suneva Medical just completed a five-year study that demonstrated safety and efficacy. The study marks the largest and longest prospective dermal filler study ever conducted. It had unprecedented retention of patients and an extremely high patient satisfaction level with strong evidence to support the long-term safety of the acne scarring treatment. It is also noted as an exceptionally natural looking filler that lasts for many years.

About Dr. Celia Brown
Dr. Celia Brown is a distinguished graduate of Cornell University and UCLA School of Medicine. Her Emergency Medicine training and ensuing years working in the ER refined her surgical skills in repairing difficult facial lacerations. She qualified in Family Medicine at UCLA, and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice. She has been on the clinical faculty of UCLA Medical Center, and has written and published the Doctors Little Book of Answers. Because of her long-standing interest in Dermatology, and her interest in facial scarring gained in the Emergency Room, Dr. Brown now focuses on Cosmetic Dermatology.

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Christie Casey
Executive Assistant to Dr. Brown