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Skramblr Delivers a New World in Visual Communication to Your Mobile


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --A real contender is emerging in mobile messaging to stretch the viral growth records of some of the market leaders like What’sApp, Line and Messenger but unlike its competitors, Skramblr delivers a much richer and broader user experience.

Want to mend a broken heart with a digital kiss that will never be forgotten?

How about a 3D animated invitation to an evening of wild romance and reckless abandon?

Like to send a short, powerful animation to motivate a friend in their moment of need or another visual message that covers what you simply can’t put into words.

Of course Skramblr can be downloaded and used for free to share text, photos and videos in a flash, but Skramblr does not stop there. Skramblr gives users the choice to send or receive and store encrypted messages providing a layer of security that very few messaging applications can offer.

Skramblr also provides users with their own timeline so they can document and share their life experiences, anywhere, anytime. This blurs the lines with social networking, making Skramblr one of the leaders in the hybrid communications evolution.

But the real excitement starts when users start to use the catalogue of “Skranimations”, 3D animations that can be sent in-chat or selected, scheduled in the in-app calendar and sent on a future date as stunning digital greetings. No more stamps, no more cards, no more forgetting special occasions.

Examples of the Skranimations can be seen here:

While users can download and user Skramblr’s messaging, timeline and encryption completely free of charge and they receive a few free Skranimations every month, if they wish to select from the catalogue, they will pay a very small amount in-app, for each download, typically 47 cents or 97 cents depending on the length of the Skranimation. Users only pay once for each Skranimation and then can use it as often as they like. Users may also subscribe annually and receive the entire catalogue as well as special treats by the various animation masters.

The team behind Skramblr realized that to keep up with global demand for Skranimations for all countries and cultures was an endless task, so they came up with an endless solution. Skramblr is building a platform similar to a giant app store, where the world’s best and aspiring animation artists can submit their short animations on any imaginable theme. If approved and added to the Skramblr catalogue, the designers will share in the revenues earned from any future downloads of their animation.

This presents Skramblr in a completely different light from the other mobile messaging applications as it will spawn a whole new industry of mobile centric, super high quality 3D animations that can be shared virally and are a part of a massive, rapidly growing, global animation catalogue. This is totally new and will provide a much needed source of funding and reward to encourage the highest levels of quality, diversity and innovation in the animation industry.

Skramblr Communications have just launched a crowd funding campaign on to fund the development of the global platform. The Skramblr messaging application has already been tested and approved by Apple and the Android version is just weeks from completion. Skramblr welcomes support and readers can find out more here:

About Skramblr Communications
Incorporated in Ireland, headquartered in London and with development and strategy personnel in three continents, the Skramblr team include a former director of Vodafone, award winning creatives, computer scientists, physicists, one of Europe’s most gifted growth hackers.

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