SkyFarms Is an Innovative New Marketplace Enabling Anyone, Anywhere to Start and Grow a Profitable Farm


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2016 --SkyFarms, the revolutionary new app marketplace that is enabling anyone, anywhere at anytime to start a farm and make money, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

SkyFarms app is an online farming and food facilitation platform. Connecting consumers to local food purchase, offering farmers a space to sell more of their harvest online, and creating a community of spaces and support where everyday people who want to get involved in farming can grow food and make money in any empty space.

"When we couldn't afford food, we grew it, so I know what it's like to be hungry and the life-saving impact access to farming and food has. Having grown up around a lot of farmers, I decided if we couldn't buy the food then we would have to grow our own.  Rather than starve by looking at our pretty lawn, I ripped up the grass, which was inedible and wasted resources, and planted seeds that would harvest not only delicious things I could eat, but questions that I knew had to be answered in my lifetime. How do we sustain ourselves, each other and this planet?," asks Sheridan "The answer was found in the incentive to become self-reliant and the access to support, space and technology.  All which currently exist and SkyFarms is designed to deliver."

NASA innovations have shifted when, where and how the world approaches agriculture by developing a sustainable process of growing nutrient rich food in a soilless mist medium, requiring less space, energy, water and time, making it possible for anyone to grow quality food anytime, anyplace.

Driven by urbanization, sustainability, economic volatility, and technology, the world has entered an emergent financial market that provides global access to goods and services.  It is disrupting, and in some cases, replacing ownership through the sharing economy.

SkyFarms' innovative new solution to solving the problem, combines the latest agricultural technologies with new economic models powered by technology to create a solution that introduces healthy and fresh foods while economically empowering anyone who would take advantage of the platform.

The SkyFarms app is a completely open source, DIY, peer-to-peer platform that lets users search for local farms to buy food, sell food from farm-to-table, or start a farm in empty spaces to grow food and make money.  The sustainable online platform provides the access, support, and incentive to grow, buy and sell, fresh, local food.

"The current solution to the industrial agriculture model is to grow more local," says founder and CEO Sky Sheridan, "The local market currently lacks access to the space to farm, the support to buy and sell food online and the incentive to start growing food; SkyFarms provides all three."

The SkyFarms crowdfunding campaign is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About SkyFarms
SkyFarms is a platform that puts food production in the power of the people's hands.  It is made possible through the fusion of NASA advancements in agricultural technology and the economic shift to collaborative consumption; the sharing of goods and services.  SkyFarms creates access, support and incentive to grow, buy and sell, fresh, local food.  The online network to search for local farms to buy food, set-up a farm to sell food or start a farm to grow food.

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