Skywide Becomes a Leader in Digital Software with SAP Hybris

Skywide takes on a unique approach to online marketing with innovative technology


Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --In today's digital era, the world of online marketing has taken shape, and taken off. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers have their own online marketing strategies that they swear by in order to increase conversion rates, lead generation rates, and sales opportunities. However, Skywide takes on a unique approach to online marketing with innovative technology.

In addition to offering various digital marketing services, Skywide is quickly becoming a leader in digital software with SAP Hybris.

About Skywide
Skywide is a team of experienced tech professionals that specializes in web development and monetizing an online presence. The Skywide team is comprised of web designers, website and app developers, writers, publicists, search engine curators, social media experts, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable about how the Internet works, and how to make it work for businesses. Skywide works with businesses of all size, scope, and industry to find the best way to make Internet marketing valuable and improve the return on marketing and technology investments.

The Skywide team goes beyond being all about business, marketing, and technology; the team focuses on the overall branding process, treating each website visitor as a potential lead or client. Therefore, Skywide approaches this goal by ensuring that a solid overall site structure is built to effectively guide each visitor from first impression to conversion, while also tracking each visitor's behavior along the way.

"When it comes to directing traffic, there is a science that combines artistry, sales, and marketing, and e-commerce marketing to create the perfect storm: leaving a trail of conversions and various forms of contact information in its wake. This is what online marketing does: the extra mile." Patrick Kebreau, Vice President Finance and Operations at Frantzou Immobiliers.

About SAP Hybris
SAP Hybris is among the top-ranking digital commerce software known for transforming how businesses manage online commerce and connect with consumers through digital channels and platforms. SAP Hybris has the ability to streamline all commerce channels for maximum efficiency.

Through the power of technology and architecture, SAP Hybris is designed and has the capabilities to combine commerce platforms with data management. SAP Hybris also has marketing capabilities, which can aid business owners and executives to implement contextual marketing strategies and plans that nurture relationships and engage customers.

Through the "Omnichannel" service available with SAP Hybris, businesses are able to combine all of their channels into a single, streamlined process in order to monitor and to track how customers engage and interact with brands. This data has proven to be crucial for businesses as it provides real insight in the marketing and management decision-making process, and also allows sales and marketing teams to improve, adjust, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

SAP Hybris also allows business owners and marketers to jumpstart their projects with the "Commerce Accelerator" feature, a configured solution for B2C and B2B businesses.

All in all, SAP Hybris is an intelligent and unique software solution that allows businesses to make more informed decisions about their current sales and marketing strategies, commerce management functions, existing relationships with customers and even accelerate project launches.


To learn more about SAP Hybris or for more information on services and offerings with Skywide, contact the team of experts at Skywide today via the online contact form or by calling 800-262-5023.