Skywide's Prime B2B Focus with SAP Hybris Digital Software


Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2017 --In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business world, everyone is a customer. In fact, eCommerce is one example of a business model that is in high demand and that reaches both consumers and businesses. Regardless of scope, size, and industry, businesses need to ensure they are providing their customer base with an experience that results in repeat business.

In an effort to keep up with the demand of the constantly changing digital experience, many businesses have partnered with Skywide to implement digital solutions and innovative technology. Skywide offers SAP Hybris, which is a digital software that is designed to support B2B eCommerce sites.

About Skywide
Skywide is a marketing firm that specializes in multinational web development and online marketing through a number of innovative digital solutions and technology. The Skywide team is comprised of experienced marketing professionals, developers, and programmers with a prime focus on B2B marketing solutions. Skywide's ultimate goal and mission is to help businesses to improve their user experience by integrating eCommerce websites as well as other platforms proven to drive traffic and boost conversion rates.

What makes Skywide different from other marketing agencies is the team takes an innovative approach to marketing by integrating high-powered technology that puts businesses ahead of their competition. Furthermore, the team focuses on understanding the best B2B approach to develop an eCommerce site that is tailored to the mission, objective, tone and culture of the brand all while driving a unique digital experience for the user.

About SAP Hybris
SAP Hybris is a digital software that supports eCommerce websites for businesses. SAP Hybris is proven to help businesses manage eCommerce functions, connect with customers, and ensure a robust user experience through a wide range of available digital channels and platforms.

SAP Hybris also has a number of capabilities designed to streamline all eCommerce channels in the most efficient manner, including data management and marketing capabilities, all of which aid business owners nurture relationships with customers.

A B2B Focus on Driving Results and Conversion Rates

The Skywide team understands how important it is to have a highly functional and robust website in order for businesses to connect with other businesses, engage with customers, and ensure a truly unique and efficient user experience. Through their professional experience and expertise, the team at Skywide goes above and beyond to help businesses integrate the necessary platforms, which are key for tracking data and other key performance analytics to analyze their overall marketing strategies.

According to Patrick Kebreau, Vice President Finance and Operations at Frantzou Immobiliers:

Residence le Sommet de Port Salut regarding online marketing, "When it comes to directing traffic, there is a science that combines artistry, sales, and marketing, and e-commerce marketing to create the perfect storm: leaving a trail of conversions and various forms of contact information in its wake. This is what online marketing does: the extra mile."

Through the power of Skywide's digital software, SAP Hybris, businesses can effectively streamline their marketing activities and strategies in order to engage with other businesses and achieve their marketing and sales and goals.


To learn more about Skywide's eCommerce or other design or marketing services, or for more information on SAP Hybris, or if you are interested in a free marketing audit, contact the team at Skywide today by filling out the online contact form here.