SlashMyWireless Secures over $600k in Reduced Wireless Costs for Two Corporate Clients

SlashMyWireless secures a combined annual savings of well over $600k for two corporate clients by identifying wireless cost-management flaws. With industry expertise the wireless expense management service found an annual savings of up to $596 per employee.


Park Ridge, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2014 --Leveling the playing field for large corporations who are all too often treated like cash cows by their wireless carrier finds hidden money. By recently identifying the cost-management flaws of two corporate clients the expert company secured well over $600k in total annual savings for wireless services.

The clients, a substantial corporation and a law firm, saw a savings of as much as $596 per employee after using the strategies of SlashMyWireless experts. So how did they do it? By auditing each corporation’s existing wireless contract they determined unused and unnecessary contract features and wireless carrier billing overages. They then negotiated corporate discounts and unpublished pricing options utilizing the power of the re-sign process. Remarkably for the law firm, SlashMyWireless was able to negotiate a no cost technology “refresh” for hardware that included BlackBerry devices, cell phones and air cards. They were also able to negotiate an account credit of approximately $63,000.

Utilizing strategic wireless plans, cost savings, discounts, packages and software that continually monitors employee wireless usage SlashMyWireless is key. The wireless management company can reduce wireless expenses by as much as 45% for clients with 75 or more employees using corporate devices. An added benefit, they require no payment until they are successful in reducing a corporation’s monthly wireless costs.

About SlashMyWireless
SlashMyWireless is a wireless expense management provider that services large corporations in need of monitoring their wireless contract. Leveraging their wireless carrier connections the company audits, provides data and negotiates discounts to reduce wireless service expenses up to 45%.

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