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Sleep Junkie Compares Top Memory Foam Mattress Brands for 2016

New guide from Sleep Junkie explains the basics of memory foam beds, top brands, and offers pointers on choosing the best mattress for individual preferences.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2016 --Memory foam mattress brands are more popular than ever before, but buying a new type of bed can seem intimidating for a lot of shoppers between different brands, different materials and even different places to shop.

The latest guide from Sleep Junkie sets out to demystify memory foam, offering an insider look at the latest trends and and brands. Published April 19, "Get the Best Memory Foam Mattress for the Money," covers the ten most important things shoppers should know before buying along with detailed comparisons of a few leading brands.

Focusing on simplifying shopping, Sleep Junkie explains how memory foam differs from other beds and how different types compare to each other. The guide focuses on objective measures on quality, and looks at how personal preferences can affect which memory foam mattress is best for readers' needs.

Subjects covered in the article include memory foam types, the purpose of density, comparing firmness, covers, heat and odor, warranties, and more. Each subject is explained in a detailed yet concise and understandable format.

A few points underscored as most important for those new to the mattress type include differences between high and low density foams, and how different types of foams perform in consumer ratings on things like heat retention and responsiveness. Also included are a few pointers on when and how to get find the best deals.

To wrap up the guide, Sleep Junkie presents a detailed comparison table of four memory foam brands: Amerisleep, a plant based memory foam brand; Tempurpedic, a traditional memory foam line; and Sealy Optimum and Serta iComfort, which use gel memory foams.

In a detailed table, readers can compare the lines in detail on seventeen different factors including owner reviews, to highlight potential differences in value based consumers' preferences. Those considering shopping for a new mattress or curious to see how brands compare will likely find the article a worthwhile read. The website also hosts guides on other mattress reviews and various sleep topics as well.

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