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Sleeping Too Hot? New Article from the Best Mattress Offers Helpful Solutions

See helpful ideas for staying cool at night all year round, including pointers on bedding and mattresses as well as green ways to keep your home cooler.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 --With 2016 earning the distinction of the hottest year ever recorded, plenty of people are seeking ways to stay cool throughout the day. When it comes nighttime, staying cool proves especially important, as excess heat can negatively impact sleep.

The quest for ways to reduce heat for naturally warm sleepers, and for mattresses that stay cool throughout the night, remains a popular one. To cater to all the sizzling slumbers out there, The Best Mattress website put together an article with helpful tips titled, "Sleeping Too Hot? Try These Cool Ideas".

Recently published on September 21, this article looks at several ways to tackle the problem of sleeping too hot. From reducing internal body temperature, to keeping indoor air cool and even tips on bedding, readers find dozens of creative solutions.

Editors explain that feeling overly warm at night can come from a variety of causes. From heat-trapping fabrics to eating and exercise timing, the issue of sleeping hot extends far beyond summer months for many people. In fact, some shoppers tend to seek out new beds specifically for their cooling potential, giving rise to new materials like gel and plant-based foams which target these concerns.

Solutions are broken into four sections with several tips within each: bringing down body temperature, reducing room temperature, choosing mattresses and bedding, and sleepwear (or a lack thereof). Tips include things like how natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo wick moisture and let air flow, while noshing at night or dining on spicy foods may raise body temperature.

Find the article in full on The Best Mattress website, along with other helpful guides on choosing a cool mattress and recent reviews of brands like Amerisleep and Tempurpedic.

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