SlideHTML5 Offers Various Ways to Share Slides Online

SlideHTML5 is a free platform to convert PPT to HTML5 presentation that is easier to read, share and embed online. Users then can share slides in the most convenient way with their audience.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2021 --Many people today are looking for a convenient and easy way to share slides with their colleagues and others outside their organizations. This as the shift to online activities makes traditional methods obsolete. Using internet-compatible formats like HTML5 makes it much easier to share slides in an online environment. SlideHTML5 offers a practical solution that not only lets users convert their PowerPoint presentations to HTML5, but gives them a way to share slides as well.

"We designed this platform so that our users could easily share slides that they've converted to HTML5 with audiences everywhere," says Anna Lee, Designer of SlideHTML5.

The SlideHTML5 platform is simple and user-friendly. It's free to use and there's no software to install. Users simply need to click 'Upload PPT', select the file they'd like to convert from their local storage, and SlideHTML5 will take care of the conversion. A rich, interactive online slide show with no formatting issues is the result. The user can go ahead and share slides quickly and get back to other tasks they have to do.

Once the online slide presentation is complete, there are several ways to share slides with SlideHTML5. For starters, users can share slides right on their SlideHTML5 page and get clicks, likes, and followers. The homepage lists all the user's presentations and their favorites. There are also pages that detail their followers and the people they're following.

Each completed online slide presentation generates a URL that can be used to share slides. This removes the need to send bulky PPT files that take up space and present compatibility challenges. The URL can be shared via email, messaging apps, and social media. One click gives access as needed. It can also be embedded on websites to help drive more traffic.

There are many reasons one might want to share slides with SlideHTML5. Internal communications come to mind. Businesses can share slides with their employees to update them on new developments or remind them of protocols. Marketers often use PowerPoint presentations to wow potential business partners and so would find this beneficial. Other popular users of slide presentations are educators and students. Both can convert their static slide slows to interactive, web-friendly HTML5 and share slides accordingly.

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SlideHTML5 is an expedient way to bring slide shows into the modern era by making them web-friendly.