Slotpack: The Organized Co-Driver and Third Hand

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Heideck, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2017 --Braking sharply is sometimes inevitable. But: When the expensive smartphone or the 1.5 liter water bottle once again flies from the car seat to the floor, every driver wishes for better storage possibilities in his car. While there are some car organizers for the trunk and the back seats, until now no one really focused on the passenger seat. Yet it's often empty and thus the ideal surface within reach. That's exactly what inspired frequent driver Jens Lang to develop his own solution. No product on the market was satisfactory, and so Lang designed the Slotpack:

Just as important as having numerous storage options is the requirement that the Slotpack can be attached and removed from the passenger seat within 10 seconds, using the existing seat belt.Ready for production, the Slotpack is patent-pending. Since May 19, 2017, anyone can support and pre-order it on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter starting at EUR 89 (circa 99 Dollar). And the good news: The Slotpack is already crowdfunded. After a week online the campaign reached its goal and the first Slotpacks will be shipped this summer.

The number one distraction when driving: falling objects

A study by a German insurance company shows that it's not the mobile phone that's the greatest distraction in the car, it's falling objects. Fifty-three percent of respondents cited this distraction most frequently. And as forty-seven percent of respondents admitted, this leads to dangerous situations. Jens Lang, as a long-time frequent driver, can confirm this:

"Over the past ten years, I have driven about 260.000 miles. During that time, I unfortunately had two minor rear-end collisions. Both were caused by the fact that I was trying to fish something out of the footwell or glove compartment. Even at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, it's not safe to lean across the center console to get something out of the glove compartment. Then when my smartphone display broke on the center console during a 'landslide', it was clear that a solution had to be found," said the founder and inventor of the Slotpack.

A quality product well-designed and manufactured in Europe

The Slotpack has a total of ten compartments and storage options in different sizes. There are compartments for large bottles, a large tissue box, an umbrella and a safety vest. There is also an outer pocket for quick insertion of things like parking lot tickets, as well as a mesh pocket for small items (such as key chains, etc.). Useful enhancements are planned for the future, including a cooler for drinks which can be inserted and removed as a module from one of the large compartments. Jens Lang has stringent requirements for both the materials used and the production process, so that the Slotpack is complex yet stable, waterproof and washable, perfectly suited for everyday use. Lang has been looking for a producer specifically in Europe. Short distances, high quality standards and reliable production are the key factors. In other words, production will begin without delay, so that the Slotpack will be in the hands of customers already in the summer of 2017.

Slotpack: The Organized Co-Driver - now on Kickstarter:

The Slotpack at a glance:

Premium Car organizer for the passenger seat

Fits in every type of vehicle and makes optimal use of the surface of the passenger seat

Quick and secure attachment using the existing seat belt, as well as non-slip for storage in the trunk

Install and remove it with three handles in less than 10 seconds

A total of 10 storage options within reach

Special compartments for a tissue box, umbrella, safety vest, safe storage for large drink containers (for example, a 1.5-liter bottle)

Additional compartments and storage options (for example, a mesh pocket) for smartphone, glasses, keys, writing instruments, parking lot tickets and much more

Waterproof and washable

Seat belt warning system for the passenger seat is not activated because the seat harness buckle is used for fastening. Airbag and seat heating should be deactivated for safety on the passenger side—a warning notice is affixed to the Slotpack)

As of May 19, 2017 on Kickstarter for the price of EUR 99 (circa 110 Dollar)

Additional Details:
Dimensions: (LxWxH) approx. 19x13x7 inches
Weight: approx. 3.3 lbs
Outer material: coated polyester (PVC)
Bottom: anti-slip coating (vinyl)
Number of compartments: 7
Beverage compartment: (LxWxH) 4x4x6 inches
Pen loops: 6 (of which 3 are oversize)
Outer pockets: 2
Closures: magnetic
Attachment in vehicle: with seat belt
Supplied: unassembled
Patent: patent-pending