Slux Launches Toy That Lets Kids Listen to Light


Carrù, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2018 --In a new campaign, light technology company Slux plans to launch a toy that looks to make a sensation in the growing educational toy field. Delighting children from 6 to 11 with its ability to "hear" the natural sound of light, the wand-like Smusic captures the natural sound of photons from any light source, translating it into sound that the human ear can easily hear. The campaign kicks off on November 29.

The closer a child comes to a light source, the higher the pitch, while the pitch lowers when the child walks away from the light source. Children can choose any light source, natural or artificial, from a firefly to the sun itself. About the size of a small microphone, the wand-like device resembles a pint-size lightsaber, adding to its kid appeal.

As children experiment with the Smusic, they will fine-tune their movements, mastering the toy to create various melodies as they move back and forth from each source of light. Kids will develop motor skills, body awareness, attentiveness, and creativity as well as their musical prowess.

Used by a group of children, the Smusic can even promote cooperative play. Says Fabio Guaricci, founder of TOY design (the Milan-based design agency that designed Smusic -, "We believe also children with disabilities can use this to stimulate their visual and aural channels together with their fine motor skills."

The company plans to offer Smusic merchandise and toys to donors who contribute to their Kickstarter campaign. These perks range from a pin for a €5 pledge to 20 of the toys in two bright colors for a pledge of €292 or more. The single toy will be available in super early-bird discount for 18€. Those who both pledge and share the project on social media will receive a pin as a bonus.

About Slux
Slux ( is a company principally engaged in the wireless transmission of information through light with specific applications in the IoT, biomed, fintech, audio, aerospace, smart cities, security, and automotive markets. SLUX technology enhances visible light communication (VLC) methods by providing an innovative optical protocol for global wireless connectivity.

Those who want to learn more about the Smusic campaign can receive more information on the press release