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For a Better Understanding in Payment Processing, Transparent Merchant Services Launches Online Resource Center: "Ask the Experts"

Transparent Merchant Services aims to provide merchants with the resources and experience to help navigate the complex field of credit card processing.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2014 --To give small businesses a better understanding of merchant accounts, Transparent Merchant Services ( is proud to announce the launch of a new online resource center: “Ask the Experts.” More than an FAQ, these articles will be geared toward addressing the most-common causes of confusion businesses have with merchant services in an easy-to-read format that is in-depth and informative.

Empowering Businesses through a Better Understanding

Transparent believes that the relationship between a merchant and their provider should be one of mutual benefit. Aside from offering a simplified service free of contracts and hidden fees, Transparent aims to empower businesses with a better understanding of what it takes to process payments. Misunderstandings about the way merchant services work are leading businesses into paying more than they should. In an industry full of pitches, pricing schemes, and contradictory details, there is a great need for honesty and credibility. Transparent aims to be the authority on merchant account information by helping businesses make better decisions with their payment processing options.

“We want businesses to know what they’re getting out of their Merchant Account.” Says Dustin Sparman, Founder of Transparent Merchant Services, “It’s more than simplicity: it’s having an improved understanding that improves businesses.”

A Clarified Approach to Merchant Accounts.

The experts at Transparent will be addressing a full curriculum of varying subjects including:

-What is PCI Compliance?
-What are Chargebacks and how do they affect my business?
-What is the EMV deadline and how can I be prepared?
-What does the Durbin Amendment mean for my business?
-What is a Payment Gateway? How does it work?
-What determines whether or not my business is “high-risk”?
-What is a Merchant Category Code?
-What are Interchange Fees?

In addition to providing a complete disclosure of the way the industry works, businesses will be better equipped to understand credit card processing quotes, how the different pricing models work, and how to get the most beneficial service possible. With a better understanding of what to look for, what to avoid, as well as what services and protections are essential, a better way to do business awaits.

About Transparent Merchant Services
Transparent is a merchant processor offering a simplified service for small-to-medium businesses. Transparent offers a better solution for accepting payments whether in-store, online, or both. For a small monthly and per transaction fee, Transparent charges the direct rates issued by the major credit card associations with no additional or hidden costs. Tailored to the growth of your business, Transparent goes the extra mile with a service that is free of sign-up fees, contracts, and commitments: only trust and confidence.

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