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Smallest Wearable Watch Phone with GPS Launched on Kickstarter

Linkoo Technologies announces the launch of the world’s smallest watch phone and GPS tracking device. Designed to help parents keep real time tabs on their children ages 6 to 12, the new watch phone debuts October 24th on Kickstarter.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2014 --Like something out of a James Bond film Linkoo Technologies announces an end-all, beat-all, product designed to ease parent’s minds. Especially designed for little hands, the small Linkoo watch phone with GPS tracking keeps tabs on kids 6 to 12 with uncomplicated precision. Using GPS positioning, SMS, SOS calling features, and the capability to call parents with the push of one button, the watch phone is the smart way to stay in touch.

Simplistic in functionality the waterproof Linkoo watch for kids has a built-in speaker, microphone, USB outlet, and three call buttons. Two of the buttons can be designated to call each parent’s phone while the third ‘SOS’ button is reserved for direct calls to emergency assistance. Double-tasking, at the moment the SOS button is pushed, parents are alerted of the child’s current location via SMS.

Fully-customizable from the MyLinkoo web app parents can quickly set up a security area such as a school or sports club. If the child leaves the security area an immediate text message is sent to the parent. In less than 30 seconds Linkoo will use GPS chipsets to synchronize and track the child in real time map or satellite views. With on demand service, it will also send a SMS with the GPS position of the child.

Lionel Legros, CEO of Linkoo Technologies said of the world’s smallest tracking watch, “We believe this is the next best thing to being there. It’s a fun, technology-based way to stay in constant contact with your child. And if they don’t answer the phone, an automatic callback feature is programmed into the watch. It’s long range, it’s customizable, it’s an constant link to family.”

Trendy, hip and functional the Linkoo watch phone has a color LCD screen with digital time and date display. It’s available in yellow, black, red, blue and purple with customizable shells. Convenient in every regard, the GPS watch phone has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours in full operation and 4 days on standby.

About Linkoo Technologies
Linkoo Technologies is the creator of the Linkoo Watch Phone with GPS and the MyLinkoo web application. Launched on Kickstarter in late October the device is designed to help parents be aware of their children’s activities at all times using SMS, maps and programmable calling features.


Kickstarter campaign begins on October 24 at The Linkoo watch phone retails for $150 USD plus $3 per month subscription. Subscription includes free games and applications.

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