Smart Helmet Brand LIVALL Announces Cooperation with Space IoT

LIVALL, Spacety, and S-Motor create new pathways connecting B2C businesses and aerospace technologies


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2019 --On 23 April 2019, the China Space Conference China (International) Commercial Space Symposium was held in Changsha, China. During the conference LIVALL, together with two other partners, namely Spacety and S-Motor, announced their latest collaborative project. The plan is to strategically combine the innovative technology of LIVALL's Smart Helmet with Space Internet of Things (IoT) to bring about a world-leading project which intends to provide innovative ideas on how B2C businesses can collaborate with commercial space enterprises.

The Vice General Manager of S-Motor, Wang Junqi, stated that the company would provide a satellite network IoT system, with low power consumption and high reliability. This is aimed at ensuring that the satellite can enter its orbit successfully. Also, the Vice-president of Spacety, Du Zhigui, explained how the whole system and Space IoT could work with B2C businesses in the future.

LIVALL is the world's first smart cycling helmet manufacturer. Since their establishment in 2015, they have been dedicated to the research and development of new solutions in smart sports equipment and safe cycling. The newly introduced smart helmet can be used for road cycling, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and outdoor hiking and/or extreme sports. The product uses high-strength, light-weight materials such as ABS and EPS to enhance comfort and safety. It also comes with a mobile phone application and an external smart controller, which can be installed on the bike handle, to control the helmet. Through the Space IoT collaboration, LIVALL is able to ensure that all their products are connected no matter where the user may be, thus enabling measures of precaution and assistance to be promptly taken to help LIVALL's consumers in times of need.

The newly introduced helmet contains the following functions:

- Smart lighting: the helmet has flashlight tapes that are located at the front and rear to guarantee safety on the road at night. Furthermore, it has directional indicators placed on the rear of the helmet. These allow a cyclist to indicate their intention to other road users, showing where they will turn and thus avoid accidents.

- Fall detection system with GPS: when a user falls or crashes into obstacles the helmet will sense the impact. When the force of the impact exceeds the limits, the helmet will send out a distress signal with a report and a GPS location.

- Voice inter-communication: the helmet has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which is able to play music and navigation information, without isolating the cyclist from surrounding noises. Also, it can also be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, to be used for two-way verbal/audio communication.

Bryan Zheng, the CEO of LIVALL, mentioned that the GPS distress signal is not a completely innovative idea. However, they have chosen to implement this function because it has already saved dozens of lives, according to feedback from the user market, and the data shows the functions' value.

He further added that LIVALL's new smart helmet's distress signal would be much more powerful, once it is combined with the Space IoT. A traditional smart helmet uses a mobile phone to send out information for help, which means there is a possibility for under-performance and inaccuracy when users are in remote areas with reduced signal strength. For example, hikers, climbers or mountain bikers may at times face a situation where there is no signal at their specific out-lying location. In such circumstances, it is not possible to send out a GPS location and/or distress signal, and people may miss opportunities for being rescued.

'We believe that this problem can be solved by using a satellite network IoT, and this is exactly the purpose of the collaboration between these three companies' Bryan Zheng stated. The next step LIVALL will take is to join hands with Spacety and S-Motor in building an experimental satellite for outdoor rescue, as well as to explore the feasibility of this particular project.

'Three key points contribute to the success of the plan', according to one of the conference co-organizers named "36Kr". Firstly, the companies need to ensure there is a stable connection between the satellites and the earth's surface. Secondly, data and feedback need to be collected promptly. Also, multiple satellites are required for better coordination and reduction in transmission time. Lastly, the cost and selling price of the satellite information exchange and operations should be reasonable so as to ensure that this solution is both sustainable and made popular.

The ability to build and launch satellites is limited for most Chinese commercial space enterprises; therefore, a collaboration between all related companies would be the solution to efficiently form a reliable satellite network. Data shared, as a result of this collaboration, is expected to accelerate the completion of a shared constellation, as well as to reduce operational costs.

As the world's first smart and safe cycling helmet brand, LIVALL is dedicated to smart sports equipment, specializing in the development of smart helmets, a riding community mobile application, nano cadence sensors, smart bicycles, and smart accessories. With its main focus on product innovation and user experience, they have received recognition from the industry and their end users. They have also been granted 30+ awards and medals in China and overseas. They currently own 170+ domestic and homeland patents and have obtained 10+ international certifications, including CPSC1203, EN1078, CE, FCC, NCC, ROHS, BQB. With their products exported to more than 60 countries internationally, LIVALL has set up offices/subsidiaries in Hong-Kong, Auckland and San Francisco respectively.

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