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Smart Home Technology and Resident Wildlife Make an Expensive Combination

Raccoon removal and other rodent removals can save residents money by preventing chewing of expensive wiring.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2019 --Wildlife nests and other invasions can endanger Virginia homes as raccoons, squirrels and other small rodents put their chewing habits to work on high-tech wiring. Indoor wildlife activity can create smart home wiring problems and lead to repeated & expensive repair costs. The experts recommend wildlife removal to prevent such problems.

Homeowners should know that their smart home technical problems could actually be wildlife wiring damage in the home. Motion sensors may be activated, alarm circuits disrupted, network wiring cut by gnawing teeth and sound systems damaged or distorted as nest materials fall into expensive in-wall speakers. Monitoring and security systems including access locks can be affected by wildlife damage.

Wildlife removal experts BEDR Wildlife Removal Services provide a dual approach to this problem: regular inspections for actual or potential entry points and nests, and expert removal and remediation of existing and developing wildlife damage.

In 1987, investors using the NASDAQ stock trading platform were shut down by a squirrel chewing on electrical wires. A major electrical equipment distributor shares this and other dramatic stories about power disruptions caused by other creatures, including snakes and bears. It also offers some basic tips to help avoid sparks in the attic from animal nests and other hazards. Power, even at low voltages, doesn't mix with wildlife.

Residents who have smart homes and expensive technology installations in their Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland home can contact BEDR Wildlife Removal Services at 703-395-8622 for help in evaluating and dealing with the risk of wildlife-based damage to their investment.

Smart homes contain extensive wiring, making the presence of wildlife and nests even more problematic. Equipment damage can result along with harm to animals and danger of fire. Careful monitoring of wildlife access risks and their presence inside the building are important preventive measures.

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