Smart IOT Technologies Announces Indiegogo Campaign for Next-Gen Solar Smart Mobile Alert System and Power Pack


Waterloo, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 --Smart IOT Technologies has announced the launch of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to produce their latest product the Solar Smart Mobile Alert System and Power Pack. The campaign offers a variety of incentives for early-bird backers with significant discounts and prioritized access once production is complete.

Solar Smart Mobile Alert System and Power Pack contains new innovations and features designed for simple-yet-powerful monitoring and alerting for disturbances in houses, cars, cottages, or any other space. The designers have reinvented the way mobile alarming works to make it even easier for users to secure their property or valuables, including your briefcase, the alarm system works on batteries and can be carried with you.

The Smart IOT Device, called SID Solar, is a highly portable and easily set up mobile security unit that syncs to your mobile device or PC. Users can quickly configure it to notify them when specific events or sensor triggers are detected.

Infrared motion detection from the SID Solar can detect and report motion within a room or other area. Vibration detection can indicate when a drawer is opened or an item is disturbed. Units can also be placed on garage doors or inside vehicles to alert owners when they move or when someone is inside.

Additionally, the SID Solar can communicate with Wi-Fi electric socket devices known as Orvibos to provide enhanced functionality for items plugged into these units. For instance, a user can remotely operate the SID Solar from their mobile device to communicate through the Orvibo and turn on a light, turn off air conditioning, or activate other plugged in devices.

Users can also set alerts for temperature thresholds to detect when areas go above or below specific levels. On any alert the user specifies up to two email address or two SMS addresses to send a message and can also turn on or off an Orvibo connected to a fan for example. A programmable action button can also serve as a panic button or to complete specific actions such as turning lights off and on.

As an additional feature, the SID Solar also offers a rechargeable power bank with enough energy to fully charge two cellular phones. This feature, alongside the solar recharging capability of the unit, can provide ongoing security coverage even in areas without direct access to power.

All of these features come together to provide users with a powerful, convenient, and smart-enabled security device that is customizable to their specific needs.

A variety of incentives are currently available on the Solar Smart's Indiegogo Page. Depending on the pledge level, backers can have access to discounted units – with the first production shipped first for early supporters. Additional perks include free 6 month or 12 month access to a cloud-based service for the device and additional Orvibo sockets.

Early bird specials are being claimed quickly, so supporters who want early access should act quickly to reserve their units.

To learn more about the Solar Smart – or to make a pledge to the project – please refer to their Indiegogo Page.