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Smart Phone Solutions from MoCo Mobilize


Rochester, Kent -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2011 --According to the latest iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report, a staggering 95% of mobile workers now have smartphones, with 42% of them happy to leave the laptop at work and rely on a smartphone or tablet at evenings and weekends.

Over half of the employees surveyed gave an emotional response when asked how they would cope if they had to go without their smartphones for a week or more, with a third of them claiming that they would feel ‘distraught’ and 10% admitting that they would feel ‘lonely’ without their smartphone.

The Mobilize mobile workforce management system from MoCo Software replaces old fashioned paper processes with smartphone based solutions, meaning that your mobile workforce can use their preferred technology to increase service levels and reduce your costs.

A truly mobile workforce will always benefit from the use of mobile phones rather than cumbersome laptops. But loss of signal can be a problem. However, with the Mobilize solution, your field workers can continue to capture information even when the mobile signal is interrupted, with the information being automatically sent back to head office once the signal has been restored.

So loss of signal is no longer a problem. And now the other main issue for smartphone users - low battery life - could soon also be a thing of the past thanks to new research from Chicago’s Northwestern University.

Engineers there have created a new an electrode for lithium-ion batteries (the rechargeable batteries found in mobile phones), that will allow the batteries to hold levels of charges 10 times higher than is currently possible, as well as charging 10 times faster. This could mean that you could charge your smartphone in as little as 15 minutes and not have to plug it in again for a whole week.

According to a news article on the university website the new batteries could be up to five times more effective than today’s lithium-ion batteries even after a year of use, with researchers claiming that the new technology could be available in as little as three years.

But until then, here are Mobilizes’ top tips for maximising your smartphone battery life:
• Dim the screen. Turn the brightness down as low as you can stand.

• Make sure that the screen timeout is set to the shortest time possible, aim for under 30 seconds if you can.

• Get into the habit of turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.

• A vibrating phone uses a lot more power than a ringing one. Consider leaving it on silent instead.

• If your phone has an automatic power saving function, use it.

• Turn off all unnecessary notifications.

Mobilize is a mobile workforce management and data capture system designed to use tried and tested handset or smartphone units. Mobilize is a trading name of MoCo Software Solutions Limited. The MoCo Group are leading experts in bespoke mobile solutions for blue chip customers, with over 25 years’ experience of delivering and exceeding client expectations.

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