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Smart SEO Hosting Now Offers Free Servers to Its Customers

Customers of Smart SEO Hosting can now enjoy free Virtual Private Server along with their IP class subscription.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2014 --Smart SEO Hosting, an award winning SEO company, now provides free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to clients. The VPS can serve as an alternative for a dedicated server.

A spokesperson from the company mentioned that, “The VPS we offer will especially be useful for clients who have small businesses growing at a modest rate.” This is in regards of the rapid growth in the number of Very Small Businesses which do not need all the strength of a full pledge dedicated server.

Smart SEO Hosting, the 2014 recipient of WebHost Truth’s Most Innovative SEO Agency Award, continuously brings satisfied customers with their modernized solution to SEO demands that bring guaranteed increase in client’s page rankings. Their excellent services include:

1. 90+ data centers in different countries
2. Cloud-based services
3. Reliable load balancers
4. cPanel and WHM Control Panels
5. Wide Range IP Classes
6. Domain management using just a single panel
7. A-class IPs in USA and Europe

Clients who will avail of the company’s free VPS offer will also have access to the well-applauded Extreme SEO Hosting Panel that is designed to manage all sites with the use of a single panel. Just recently, the company signed the contract that gives them the full rights to solely distribute the highly anticipated product for the next two years.

The free Virtual Private Server will be available to subscribers who order IP packages with 20 or more IP classes.

About Smart SEO Hosting is a dedicated and professional SEO hosting company that provides services to SEO agencies in USA, Europe and Australia. The company offers variety of hosting plans for different country locations, space, bandwidth, and IP classes. It operates using more than 90 data centers scattered across the globe. To accommodate further SEO needs, now offers hosting on IPs and load balancers that are owned and operated by Google itself.