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Smart SEO Hosting to Be the Exclusive Distributor of the Anticipated Extreme SEO Hosting Panel

For the next two years, Smart SEO Hosting will be the sole provider of Extreme SEO Hosting Panel after signing a contract that gives them the exclusive rights to trade the product.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2014 --Smart SEO hosting has signed an exclusive two-year contract for the distribution rights of the much awaited Extreme SEO Hosting Panel. The development of the said panel is sponsored by Smart SEO Hosting and they will continue to support it for the next two years.

Smart SEO Hosting is well renowned for being able to deliver quality results for clients’ online ranking. With the signed contract, they will be providing an even more innovative way by which clients can manage their sites with ease and peace of mind. A spokesperson of the company said, “We are glad that we got this contract, this deal is going to help our customers with their need to manage all their sites with convenience. It also puts us in an unbeatable path. ”

It is much preferable for SEO experts to host their site on various datacenters and avoid keeping their domains in just one location. With this demand, Smart SEO Hosting did not hesitate to partake in the development of Extreme SEO Hosting Panel. With this product, the clients can:

1. Transfer one site from one datacenter to another with just a single click.
2. Use just one panel to log in to all of the other panels.
3. Install Wordpress in 100 domains using just one panel and with just one click.
4. Setup vanity dedicated DNS servers
5. Get their daily domains SEO checkups

Long before the release of the product, Smart SEO Hosting has already set the benchmark for giving customers a no-drop in page ranking with their network designs, 90+ data centers and c-class hosting and a-class packages.

About Smart SEO Hosting is a dedicated and professional SEO hosting company that provides services to SEO agencies in USA, Europe and Australia. The company offers variety of hosting plans for different country locations, space, bandwidth, and IP classes. It operates using more than 90 data centers scattered across the globe. To accommodate further SEO needs, now offers hosting on IPs and load balancers that are owned and operated by Google itself.