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SmartPID Is the World's Smartest Programmable Temperature and Process Controller


Ivrea, Piedmont -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --SmartPID, the world's smartest, programmable temperate and process controller, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Professionally engineered, SmartPID Controller is a high-tech product that facilitates temperature and process control: heating or cooling. It comes programmed with a ton of functions and features that have otherwise been overlooked by the "thermostat" industry.   Compared to most basic on/off thermostat, SmartPID is a piece of futuristic wonder.

"The main idea is to bring to the community of geeks, makers, DIY a product that is typical of the industrial world. My background is technical but I'm very fond of food and beverage and I try to bring some "smart" technology in this world trying to automate home production process," says founder Davide Arzarello on the inspiration behind the project. "I have done lot of prototypes and experience especially in the home brewing equipment self-building and now the main idea is to professionally engineer and mass produce a 'smart controller.'"

SmartPID it is an "open platform" that collects temperature from multiple sensors, apply programmable control logic, and drives different loads with precise PID algorithm. SmartPID can be used to control any applications both locally and remotely via wifi and smartphone app. Because the SmartPID Controller can control any thermos-regulated process, heating or cooling, it is the only controller of its kind that users need in the home.

SmartPID Controller is a must-have device for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, technology geeks, and consumers who want something affordable that is also ultra-functional. With SmartPID process automation, everything from home-brewing, wine making, aquarium maintenance, and even oven temperature is made more precise, more powerful, and more flexible than ever.

SmartPID is neither a simple controller nor a thermostat: it is an "open platform" in which the resources and I/O can be used for a variety of applications and in a variety of environments. The idea behind SmartPID is to develop an ecosystem of "vertical" applications on top of a common set of features, providing tools for people who would like to develop their own applications or hack existing ones. The two main apps included are the smart thermostat and smart brewing app, with a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company hopes to expand the controllers versatility into a number of vertical applications on top of the SmartPID platform.

"This smart controller design comes from my long-time passions for home-brewing, technology, and engineering. In the course of my brewing "career," I have found that enthusiasm for DIY is common," adds Arzarello. "Leveraging my engineering skills, I put together several prototypes of a small-scale brewery, eventually expanding into something advanced and professional."

SmartPID is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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