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Smileylife Mildtravel Buddy Has Become One of the Most Recommended Travel Pillows on the Market

Smileylife - Neck Pillow For Sleeping With Microbeads And Polyester Strap. Cozy, Easy To Carry, Hypoallergic & Washable Cover. The product, which is available on Amazon has become one of the most recommended travel pillows through the new design and comfort.


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2015 --Amazon, the largest online shopping platform is pleased to announce a new travel pillow has been added to their shopping platform. The Smileylife Mildtravel Buddy, which is filled with Microbeads enables the user to receive support where they need it. With new technology, and a new design, the Smileylife Mildtravel Buddy has revolutionized the traditional travel pillow and provides the user with neck and lumbar support.

A lot of the travel pillows on the market have not changed over the years from the original design, which can leave users with stiff necks, sleepless nights, and headaches. Smileylife looked at the old design and the problems people faced when trying to sleep during travel. With that information they produced the Smileylife Mildtravel Buddy, which provides people with the support and comfort they need.

Smileylife Mildtravel Buddy has an external cover, which is soft, and washable. Instead of sleeping on a dirty pillow or having to throw the travel pillow out after a few months due to the odor, the Mildtravel Buddy pillow, which is available on Amazon at a special price can be washed. With the high-quality material and the new design, it has become one of the most recommended travel pillows on the market.

A spokesman for Smileylife said: "Our new travel pillow provides a person with a good night sleep while they are traveling. Unlike many other pillows that leave the person restless, we have brought out a new design using quality material that provides support and comfort."

The travel pillow is easy to carry and can be attached to any type of luggage where it will be secured with a special lock. The product is only available at a special price for a limited time, and once the discounted offer is over it will go back to its original price.

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About Smileylife
Smileylife, corporated by PAMA TOY CO., LTD, is a new household goods brand. They provide the high-quality products and services to their valued customers. "Customer Satisfaction is their top priority."

FILLED WITH MICROBEADS - EPS (EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE), each little bead flexes, moves,and rolls inside to fill in gaps and offer direct support where you need it.

THE INTERNAL shell holds the traditional neck pillow shape.
THE EXTERNAL travel pillow cover is incredibly soft, smooth, cool, and washable.
LOCK THE BUCKLE and the pillow will be in place while you sleep, or lock it on your luggage.
THE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL IS HYPOALLERGENIC so everyone can enjoy comfort during travel.

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