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Smileylife Travel Pillow with Microbeads Solves Neck Pain While Traveling

Neck Pillow for Sleeping With Microbeads And Polyester Strap By Smileylife. Cozy, Easy To Carry, Hypoallergic & Washable Cover. Find Out Your Best Buddy Now By Purchasing This Travel Pillow


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 --Smileylife is pleased to announce they have launched a new travel pillow that solves the problem of travelers being unable to sleep properly and avoids waking up with neck pain. The neck pillow, which has become a big seller on Amazon, is filled with microbeads where each bead flexes, moves and rolls inside the pillow to fill gaps that provide support where it is needed.

The new design of the travel pillow uses advanced technology to improve the benefits to the user. The pillow, which provides lumbar and neck support is incredibly soft, smooth, cool, comfy, easy to carry and is machine washable. With the high-quality material used and with the microbeads inside the pillow, consumers can now start to get a proper sleep while traveling on long journeys without worrying about the damage to their neck.

A spokesman for Smileylife said: "Tens of millions of people fly around the world on vacation each year, and millions of those travelers complain about the problems they face while trying to sleep, which includes the pain in the neck they receive when they wake up. So, we decided to design a new pillow that will always offer full lumbar and neck support, removing potential damage to the neck."

The product, which is currently available for a discounted price of $29.99, has continued to receive five-star reviews from consumers on Amazon.

ShanesMommy who bought the travel pillow on Amazon said: "This is the most comfortable travel pillow ever! This pillow is amazing and oh so versatile. It is not confined to the typical u-shape that many travel pillows have. Instead, you can lay it flat, roll it up, or do whatever feels comfortable for you during your travels."

"There are many health benefits for a quality travel pillow. Removing the problem with neck pain is just one of those benefits. Other reasons to use a quality travel pillow while traveling includes jaw pain, alignment, and breathing," A spokesman continued.

When a neck is not supported properly, it can affect the breathing and can even cause head pain. The Smileylife Travel Pillow resolves those problems and has become one of the most popular travel products on Amazon.

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About Smileylife Travel Pillow
The travel pillow provides users with a quality product that helps remove the pain that can be caused in the neck when not having it supported through sleep.