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Smith III Set to Release New Album, Celestial - August 6, 2018

Smith III is set to release their new album on August 6, 2018.


Riviera Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2018 --In the music industry, most don't realize the labor of love that is put in the passion of music.

I mean, how long it takes to get the music, lyrics, or a production just right. This is the case with Smith III. For the past 5 years since the release of their album Diamond In A Rock, these young musicians have been diligently working to improve their craft.

Their new album, Celestial, which is set to release August 6, 2018, is "for all of us", said Dalyk Smith, a member of the group. He added that they have worked extremely hard and are proud of the album.

"It is amazing that most would think that young children cannot be productive and are not able to stay focused. But, they are wrong", said Jalyka Smith, another member of the group. "We have been consistent with growing, learning, improving, and then doing it all over again", she smiled.

Alyk Smith, the youngest of the group said he is happy they have finished this, because it took so long. But he is excited about working on more stuff too.

The album is truly amazing. The best part that I think will grab people by surprise is the lyrics and the upbeat fun of the entire album. There are so many great songs it is challenging to just choose one, said a fan. Another stated that they really like the song titled, "Hope". While, some parents liked the message in 'Giants' and 'Brand'.

"I could go on and on, but the album will inspire you", said another fan.

The group is set to go on a press tour to promote the Celestial album, which is set to release August 6, 2018. Celestial is going to please and inspire fans and children of all ages.

The album is available for preorder, reviews, and purchase on iTunes. Once released it will be available on additional places like Amazon, and everywhere music is sold.

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