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Smith & Nephew, DePuy Mitek Lead Competitive US Market for Arthroscopic Radiofrequency Probes

Overall, the total U.S. arthroscopic devices market is expected to increase to reach a value of approximately $1.9 billion by 2023


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2017 --According to a new series of reports on the U.S. market for arthroscopic devices by iData Research (, the transition to premium-priced bipolar radiofrequency (RF) probes will apply upward pressure to the value of the total RF probe market. However, the expiration of ArthroCare's COBLATION® patents has enabled Arthrex and ConMed Linvatec to launch new bipolar probes, causing substantial disruption in the high-value RF probe market. This increased competition in the bipolar RF probe segment is expected to drive modest price erosion, limiting growth. Firms launching new bipolar RF probes will seek to transition existing accounts from monopolar technology to their new bipolar RF probes. This effort is expected to cause unit sales of the monopolar segment to contract rapidly over the next several years.

"Arthrex and ConMed Linvatec are expected to transition existing accounts from monopolar technology to their new bipolar RF probes in the coming years," explains Jeffrey Wong, Strategic Analyst Manager at iData Research. "Price erosion will be more pronounced among less sophisticated bipolar probes, while bipolar probes featuring more advanced technology will maintain prices."

The majority of the RF probe market is composed of bipolar radiofrequency probes, which are more technologically advanced than their monopolar counterparts. Buyer identity plays a large role in determining whether new or older model RF probes are purchased. Hospitals with large budgets and better reimbursement are able to afford the newer RF probes, whereas physician-owned surgery centers are more inclined to buy affordable, older model devices. Bipolar RF probes are expected to continue to dominate the market over the next several years.

Smith & Nephew is the leading competitor in the total U.S. arthroscopic devices market and in the total RF probe market. The company has the strongest showing in the high-value RF probe segment. Smith & Nephew's position in the bipolar RF probe market increased substantially in 2014 when it completed the acquisition of ArthroCare.

DePuy Mitek is the second leading competitor in the total RF probe market. The company is strongest in the suture passer segment which is the fastest growing U.S. arthroscopic devices market. Additional competitors in the U.S. radiofrequency probe market includes Arthrex, ConMed Linvatec, and Stryker among others.

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