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Smith Publicity Offers Book Marketing Tips for Self-Help Book Authors


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2019 --In the U.S. alone, the personal development industry takes in just under $10 billion annually. As a result, self-help book authors can be overwhelmed because of extreme competition for media coverage, and developing a book marketing plan that will make an author stand out from the crowd becomes more challenging.

Book marketing agency Smith Publicity, a firm that promotes many self-help books, advises authors on the many steps needed to effectively promote their books.

"Too often, self-help book authors begin a self-help book marketing campaign without key elements in place," says Kellie Rendina, Smith Publicity Business Development Associate. "Additionally, some authors are unprepared during a campaign and make common mistakes that negatively impact results."

Rendina offers important tips for self-help book marketing that authors should keep in mind both before and during a book marketing campaign:

1.Establish What Makes You Noteworthy:
Authors should identify their noteworthy credentials, and then:

*Find vertical markets their concepts or strategies apply to.
*Research trending topics in their area of self-help expertise
*Find new perspectives they can offer on popular topics in their field

Says Rendina,"The first step we take as book publicists is to identify a unique or even controversial angle an author that separates a book and author from others. This is perhaps the most important element of creating a path to media coverage."

2.Be prepared to write articles:
Byline articles are pieces written by an author, which are then pitched to run as-is in print and online media. They are not promotional, and focus on offering useful information, tips and insights on specific topics. Promotion comes at the end in the author bio.

"Offering byline or how-to articles to outlets that don't provide traditional book coverage is a great way authors can establish themselves as go-to thought leaders," notes Rendina. "Articles can increase online discoverability and serve as the perfect content for websites."

3. Develop a well-rounded digital platform:

Rendina says, "It's crucial for self-help and wellness authors to have an established author website and active social media presence. Aside from the credibility this offers, a well-rounded digital platform is needed to support amplification of book marketing and book publicity results."

"When an article gets published or interviews conducted, authors should always post these on their website and across social media. This showcases credibility and increases overall visibility online."

4. Avoid common mistakes:
During a campaign, there are a number of pitfalls and mistakes that authors can make which can seriously detract from the impact of media coverage.

"During interviews, authors typically say, 'As I say in my book…'," adds Rendina."It's perfectly fine to do this once or twice, and authors should say this, but saying it too often can come across too overtly promotional and disrupts the flow of a quality interview and conversation."

Another mistake Rendina notes is when authors are too long-winded in answers.

"This is especially true for TV. The average on-air time for national TV/morning shows is just three minutes," says Rendina. "Authors should be as succinct as possible when discussing key points during any interview."

"But it's important to remember, especially for TV, that authors don't go into interviews blindly. Producers typically sit down with a guest beforehand to do a 'practice run' to see what the interview flow and timeframe will be."

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