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Smith Publicity Offers Book Promotion Tips for Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books are typically very well-suited for book promotion because they deal with real-life topics.


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2019 --According to Dan Smith, CEO of book promotion firm Smith Publicity, non-fiction books are the best suited books for publicity. Smith's firm has promoted over 1,400 non-fiction books, and over 3,500 from all genres.

"Non-fiction books cover real topics, and typically provide useful, interesting, controversial, provocative or helpful information, or offer solutions to help readers solve a problem," says Smith. "This makes them inherently 'publicity friendly' because media want to interview or feature authors who provide this type of value to readers, listeners and viewers."

According to Smith, within the non-fiction genre, the most publicity friendly books cover topics such as self-help, health and wellness, business, personal finance, current/recent events, and politics.

"When we reach out to media and pitch a non-fiction book and author, our publicists and book promoters have much to work with, and usually can develop pitches that entice editors, producers and reviewers," adds Smith.

Smith offers tips to get media attention for a non-fiction book:

* Book marketing services and promotional activity should include numerical pitches and press releases. Historically, media respond at a higher rate when a number is in a pitch or press release headline. Examples: "10 Things the IRS Doesn't Want you to Know About Your Tax Return," or "5 Guaranteed Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life."
* Less is more. Reporters and producers are stretched for time. Some receive hundreds and hundreds of pitches every day. If an email is too long, they will be turned off. Whenever drafting a pitch to the media, before sending it, an author or book promotion specialist should trim one-third of it.
* Authors or book promotion agents have about seven seconds to get a media contact's attention. It's essential to get right to the point in the first few sentences.
* Sometimes, the book isn't the most important component of book marketing for authors. Media interview people, not books. Media want authors to provide information based on their experience and expertise. The book is in the background and provides credibility.
* The email subject line is very important. The vast majority of media outreach today is done through email. Many email programs allow users to see only the first several words in a subject line, depending on user settings. This means every word should be chosen very carefully.
* Authors and book publicists should think like producer or editors, and put themselves in their shoes and understand what they are looking for and need. It's not about what an author thinks is important or newsworthy, it's about what media think.

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