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Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) Spring 2014 Conference Reflects Diverse and Growing Vaporizer Industry



Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2014 --The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA)’s Spring Conference brought together over one hundred independent businesses with legal, scientific, and policy experts in a record-breaking gathering reflecting the rapid growth and diversity of the vaporizer industry. The conference hosted the first industry-wide discussion regarding the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed regulation of personal vaporizers like electronic cigarettes. Now, with over 104 member companies, SFATA continues to be the leading voice for the category, which is estimated at over $5 billion in sales.

Titled “Technology, Not Tobacco,” the conference came as many business owners across the country are grappling with the ramifications of the proposed regulations for the industry. It offered an in-depth exploration of the proposed federal rules, the impact on business, Wall Street and individual member companies.

Keynoter Ralph Tyler, Esq. (former General Counsel of FDA) was joined by many other industry experts who addressed current scientific research, local legislation, lobbying efforts, and product standards.

According to Cynthia Cabrera, SFATA Executive Director, the conference underscored the importance of educating local and national lawmakers, as well as regulatory officials, about the vaporizer industry. Many of the discussions highlighted the reasons why proposed regulations created for tobacco – an agricultural product – are not appropriate for a category build on technology and driven by innovation.

“Our members, who range from independent retailers to larger manufacturers and suppliers, are primarily entrepreneurs, and they’re naturally concerned about overregulation. The conference was a twofold call-to-action for members. First, we must commit to responsible standards for our industry. At the same time, we will ‘unite and fight’ for science-and-fact-based regulation that will keep the category growing and its innovation alive.”

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association is dedicated to the advocacy, education, and reputation of the electronic cigarette industry. Through its membership, SFATA builds the networks necessary to support campaigning and research endeavors paramount to the future of the industry. SFATA’s primary concern is the fair regulation of vapor products in a way that creates an even playing field for all companies in the market. For more information, visit, email or call 218-22- SFATA.