Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association

Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) Urges Science-Based Dialogue at June 11 Senate Committee Hearing on E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2014 --The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) anticipates the upcoming Senate Energy & Commerce Committee hearings will focus on marketing practices by electronic cigarettes and vapor products. SFATA is hopeful that the hearings, scheduled for June 11, will examine the vapor industry as a whole, involving the many category players who are responsible marketers committed to helping smokers find a better alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Given the rapid expansion of the personal electronic vaporizing (PEV) market, which includes closed tank electronic cigarettes as well as open tank vapor systems, SFATA recognizes the importance of responsible marketing practices for the continued health and growth of the vapor industry. We assist our members in developing good marketing practices that serve as a benchmark for the vapor industry. Vapor products are adult consumer products and not intended for use by minors. SFATA supports reasonable prohibitions on marketing to minors, and appropriate advertising guidelines that balance the great value that the promotion of vapor products has in making adults aware of the category as an alternative to tobacco consumption with the need to ensure that messaging is geared to those of legal age.

SFATA’s members do not engage in advertising or marketing practices geared towards minors, nor have any interest in doing so. SFATA remains concerned that any overly restrictive set of rules on advertising and marketing of these products, would be counterproductive, since ads are an important source of information and education about the rapidly changing technology behind vapor products.

Recent research from the University College London, the second most highly cited European university, suggests that the accessibility of vapor products can have a positive impact on public health and that the products’ usefulness as an alternative to combustible cigarettes should be considered as a matter of health policy. This was reinforced recently in an unprecedented letter from 53 leading scientists to the World Health Organization urging that they not be classified as tobacco products and highlighting the category’s potential as a significant health innovation.

On behalf of our members, SFATA respectfully urges the Senators to convene a dialogue that involves key industry players and that is based on meaningful science relevant to the marketing and accessibility of electronic cigarette and vapor products as technology, not tobacco.

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association is dedicated to the advocacy, education, and reputation of the vapor products industry. As the largest trade association of its kind, with more than 140 members, SFATA builds the networks necessary to support campaigning and research endeavors paramount to the future of the industry. For more information, visit, email or call 202-251-1661.