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Smonet Launches New Wifi Keypad Door Lock


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2021 --Smonet focuses on developing and innovating in the industry of security systems. To better protect customer's rights and interests, the Smonet wifi keypad door lock is designed to provide the maximum security. The Smonet wifi keypad door lock adopts an intuitive OLED display, long battery life, zinc alloy body, providing people with a safer, higher quality, and solid touchscreen lock. Besides, the wifi keypad door lock can make people enter the home without a key, which can avoid the trouble of forgetting the key when going out. Smonet's humanized unlocking method can bring convenience for everybody.

Smonet smart lock has a solid body, durable battery, complete functions, and simple installation. Recently, Smonet has launched a new wifi keypad door lock: Smonet ZNS-H001.

This new wifi fingerprint door lock is a revolutionary product that can significantly enhance the house's security and user experience. This article will explore the advantages of installing this wifi keypad door lock.

1.Multiple ways to unlock the door
If someone install a WiFi fingerprint lock in his home, he no longer needs to carry the key with him. Cause Smonet wifi keypad door lock has multiple ways to unlock the door, such as fingerprint, smartphone app, passcode, IC card, or mechanical keys. The following will focus on the intelligent door opening/locking method.

Unlock with the fingerprint
It's easy to install this wifi fingerprint lock that can recognize up to 200 fingerprints. People can take advantage of its sensitive fingerprint recognition system and fast unlocking speed.

Unlock with a passcode
Use the TTLock App to arrange up to 100 passcodes. Enter the passcode and press "#" to unlock the smart lever with its acrylic panel, clear display, and durable body.

Unlock with the IC card
Customers will find two IC cards included in the box, but they can add up to 120 IC cards. They can unlock the door faster than they have ever experienced before.

Unlock with the APP
Download the free TTLock APP so that people can monitor everything through the smartphone. So, they don't need to feel anxious about forgetting the password or carrying the keys with them.

2.Easy to install with its reversible handle
This wifi keypad door lock can be installed on both the left and right handle on a door between 1/2" and 7/8" thick. The direction of the outer lock can be reversed after the installation. To install this wifi keypad door lock, people will only need one extra hole and connect it to one sensing line.

3.Simple and clear interface
Tap to unlock the door and long-press the handle lock to lock the door. With its simple and straightforward interface, this Smonet wifi keypad door lock is effortless to use.

4.Suitable for everyone
Connect this Smonet smart lock to the TTLock App and give access remotely to people's guests, friends, housekeepers, and employees. Don't worry about waiting for them at home or seeing the keys being stolen or copied. This wifi fingerprint lock can generate up to 500-time permanent, one-time, and customized passcodes from anywhere.

Besides, the Smonet wifi keypad door lock provides a one-year product warranty, 30-day free exchange/return, and lifetime technical support. While committed to providing a high-quality wifi keypad door lock, Smonet always cares about the user experience and strives to provide better service to users.

About Smonet
Smonet was officially established in 2002, providing consumers and business owners with high-quality security products. Smonet has years of experience in the monitoring industry. Besides, Smonet's products can make the home or office safe and comfortable. Smonet has wired and wireless security camera systems, and Smonet also introduce Smonet door locks. Smonet will continuously update the firmware to improve the existing products and enhance products' security and reliability to protect people's safety more efficiently. Smonet has high-quality products and good service.

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