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DialMyCalls.com Launches New 2-Way SMS Text Messaging Service

Voice And SMS Broadcasting Company DialMyCalls Announces Release Of 2-Way Text Messaging Service


Jupiter, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 --DialMyCalls, a leader in voice and SMS marketing and connectivity solutions, has announced the latest product update for their unique online messaging platform. Starting now, 2-way text messaging is available for all customers who are using the DialMyCalls service.

This service is designed to help charitable organizations, small business owners, schools, and other DialMyCalls customers communicate with their customers and members more effectively.

2-Way Text Messaging Provides Instant Connectivity Through An Online Dashboard

DialMyCalls provides an online platform which makes it easy to read and respond to incoming text messages. The easy-to-use interface provides business owners and managers with a simple way to answer customer queries, send updates about services or appointments, and much more.

DialMyCalls offers both an online dashboard and a mobile application, which makes it easy to stay in touch with customers, and use 2-way SMS text messaging on the go. This makes it an ideal business SMS platform, especially with the included push notifications.

Using the platform, DialMyCalls users will be able to quickly respond to queries, and organize conversations based on the customer, allowing for seamless and personalized 2-way communication.

The service also offers a customized, personal "Long Code SMS" number, which allows businesses and organizations to choose a phone number that's easy to remember, and fits their branding and public image.

For example, a business could choose a local phone number, or an easy-to-remember phone number that will help their customers remember how to contact them.

Another feature of this unique business SMS service is detailed text message analytics. Users of the DialMyCalls dashboard can quickly view metadata and details about text messages, such as the time that a message was sent, the device from which the message was sent, and much more. This feature allows for deep data analytics, and could help businesses and organizations engage with their customers and members more effectively.

2-Way SMS Messaging From DialMyCalls Is Available Today

This service from DialMyCalls has already launched, and existing customers can try it today by heading to http://www.DialMyCalls.com, and signing up. The 2-Way SMS text messaging service costs $19.99/month, which provides users with unlimited inbound messages, and up to 450 SMS replies. Additional replies can be added for an extra fee, if necessary.

About DialMyCalls
Founded in Jupiter, FL, DialMyCalls is one of the leading providers of SMS broadcasting and personalized voice messaging technology. With a simple online platform and endlessly customizable features, DialMyCalls is used by thousands of businesses, government agencies, schools, and charities to stay in touch with clients, residents, customers, and more.

For more information, please visit https://www.dialmycalls.com/2-way-sms-text-messaging or call 800-928-2086. You can also email tsmith@ontimetelecom.com for additional information.