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Snapt'chure Launches iPhone App Enabling Delivery of 5X7" Prints Directly from an iPhone to Any Location Worldwide


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2015 --The new Snapt'chure iPhone app is an intuitive, user friendly tool that streamlines the process of converting your iPhone photos to beautiful 5 x 7" prints which can be directly delivered anywhere in the world. Now you can capture that special moment and share it with family and friends without the hassle of visiting a retail outlet or going online to complete a complicated process. With only 3 simple steps those special memories will be on their way to your loved ones. Snapt'chure guarantees your order will be processed and your beautiful 5x7" prints will be mailed to any location worldwide within 24 hours.

With the latest advances in iPhone camera technology, iPhone photos can equal the professional quality of pictures taken with expensive cameras. Now the Snapt'chure community can bring these photos to life in big, beautiful 5 x 7' prints. With Snapt'chure you no longer have to contend with trips to retail stores, separate online websites or expensive subscription services.

Ken Wahler, a visionary pioneer who has been creating revolutionary digital printing technology since the '90's has said, "at Snapt'chure we passionately believe that so many special photographic memories deserve to be liberated from the digital realm to physical world of pictures that can be displayed and treasured for a lifetime." One of Mr. Wahler's personal missions is to connect photo output services to nursing, assisted living and other elder care facilities. He recently observed that "too many of our loved ones don't have access to social media accounts, smart phones and other photo sharing technology. I hope to provide Snapt'chure customers with an economical, practical, simple way to share life's priceless moments and memories with the special people who will treasure these pictures the most."

Snapt'chure provides a superior product to print and send pictures directly from your iPhone --- 5 x 7 photo prints instead of the 4 x 6" inch "minis" --- at just 25 cents per photo. With a lower price and simpler, more efficient process than other services such as PhotoBucket, FreePrints, MPix ; Snapt'chure makes printing and mailing pictures easy and affordable. Download the free app from the iPhone store and you'll see why Snapt'chure will be the new leader in the growing market for iPhone photo printing and sharing.

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