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Social Distancing Creates Opportunities for Radio Host and Planner Bill Black


Orange, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2020 --While the term "social distancing" may create heartburn for many business owners, an Orange County, CA-based radio host and business planner is finding new opportunities and thriving.

Bill Black, the host of ExitCoachRadio.com (a radio show and podcast) has interviewed over 1, 000 business advisors for his radio show that is geared to a business owner audience. Last month he was approached to moderate regional conferences for Vistage Worldwide, an international business owner group that, due to COVID-19 has been forced to change to webinar-based meetings instead of their usual "Executive Summit" get-togethers at locations all across the US.

"Over the past few weeks and well into May, I will moderate over 10 conferences that were scheduled for Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Austin and other parts of the country", says Black.

The opportunity has created new visibility for his online exit planning business where he helps business owners shape and create exit and succession plans.

"ExitOnline.org was created before COVID-19 to help business owners do planning online to avoid having to navigate crowded Southern California freeways to get to meetings. Even though many business owners will have their exit dates delayed while they are recovering from the current economic crisis, they should still be planning now to be ready for the future if they want to sell or transition out of their business. Now, even more, business owners are embracing this online platform to keep their planning on track", Black says.

ExitOnline.org introduces business owners to nine different modules to help them shape their future-based plan. Owners have webinar calls with Black or another planning coach to keep them on course and help them think through their goals, objectives, and strategies.

For more information visit ExitOnline.org and ExitCoachRadio.com, or contact Bill Black at (866) 370-3774.

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