Social Entrepreneur Henry Fu Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Help Raise the World's First China Bailout Fund Amid Chinese Financial Crisis

Henry Fu is crowdfunding an emergency fund to protect China and its people from an unprecedented economic crisis. The funding requirement for this campaign is $1,000,000.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2015 --Social entrepreneur Henry Fu is dedicated to raising money to help the needy, less fortunate, and those in crisis who live in China. Despite all of the "positive" news we hear that China's economy continues to grow every month, is a major investor in foreign currency, or that it continues to build its military, Henry knows that this is mostly all smoke and mirrors. As a communist regime, no one should be surprised to learn that China only releases "good news" to the world as they keep the news that would be embarrassing or otherwise bad for China's image very quiet. Henry Fu knows things aren't all rosy and wonderful in China and wants to help the average Chinese citizen live a better life.

Mr. Fu's current focus is to make a difference in protecting China from a severe economic crisis that has already started. The Chinese stock market has already shown signs of crashing, and the country's poor people are in dire straits. Though there is very little media coverage, Henry believes that the Chinese crisis is more critical than even the the recent economic turmoil in Greece. His frequent visits to China serve to confirm that their turmoil is truly on an unprecedented scale.

Discussing the present state of the Chinese economy, Henry says, "China is absolutely essential for the world's livelihood and without their financial health, the consequences can be devastating. A billion people in China are starving and living on very little money and help. Poor kids are suffering from no access to food or clean water and due to this crisis, the government has less and less funds to help them or itself for that matter!"

Henry has already put all his time, effort, and as much money as he can for this cause. Being a common man, he decided to rely on crowdfunding to raise money to fight the Chinese crisis. Though China needs approximately $20 billion dollars to come out of this crisis, Henry has set his Indiegogo funding goal at realistic $1 million. It may not sound like a lot but these funds go directly to the people that need it most and most importantly this campaign can start a huge wave and spread the message, which can eventually get China ALL the funds it needs! The China Bailout Fund proceeds will go directly to the organizations that can directly help the people of China and its critical infrastructure, economy, and it's poor and suffering lower classes. Henry also hopes that his campaign will spread the message and inspire the initiation of many other similar endeavours to help raise the quality of life for the vast majority of China's people.

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About Henry Fu
Henry Fu is a social entrepreneur with a goal of making money for those less fortunate and in crisis. He has started with a China Bailout Campaign because he is from China and knows firsthand that their crisis is by far the largest and most urgent. Henry has many countries on his upcoming agenda.