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Social Fashion Brand DAMUR Starts Its First Crowdfunding Campaign on KissKissBankBank


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2015 --Established in Berlin 2013, DAMUR is an international high-end fashion brand creating innovative and pragmatic collections for women and men. The designs are both groundbreaking and timeless, with an ethos of functional simplicity. DAMUR has now started their crowd-funding campaign Fashion by people on to raise money for their next collection.

This young and innovative fashion brand will change fashion. How DAMUR listens to the public makes this an event worthy of attention. DAMUR is a brand with an original approach in the fashion industry. Founder and Head of Design Shi-Shun Huang about his vision of a social fashion brand: "Mostly, designers can be insulated. DAMUR offers a new alternative in the fashion industry. At DAMUR we are very open. We want our faces seen and our voices heard. But the most innovative idea I have, is to bring the fashion audience onto the stage."

Listening to the fashion audience

An example how this can be possible in a practical way, is the story of DAMUR's Icelandic Washable Salmon Skin Trim T-Shirt, explains Shi-Shun: "Andrew, our copywriter, asked me one day if there can be a T-Shirt that he could wear during the day, but also wear when he goes out that will express his creativity. This personal need made me thought and I gave form to an iconic T-shirt with eyecatching applications of washable salmon skin."

This problem is the human need that DAMUR's products fulfill. This is also how the public can be a part of fashion. People are invited to get in contact with DAMUR. Shi-Shun goes on: "We love to communicate with our customers and let them become part of DAMUR. A question is asked about how fashion can be pragmatic and DAMUR solves it."

The design imperative of our reversible bag was: Make a leather bag that could be carried in the rain. Imagine you walked into a Café on a clear Spring day. While you drink a Latte Macchiato dark clouds suddenly gather and it pours. "Damn!" you think to yourself, "I took my leather bag." Instead of waiting out the rain you can turn your DAMUR reversible bag inside out. The rain is no problem now!

Crowdfunding – the ideal choice

Now the DAMUR team wants to take the next step and start their upcoming collection. Bringing an audience closer to an idea is the nature of crowdfunding. So, a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank is the ideal choice.

A question potential donators ask themselves surely is, 'Why fund it?' The question you should ask: 'Do you believe that fashion is evolving and needs to be rethought?' DAMUR's crowdfunding campaign offers an audience-friendly, inclusive, human alternative in fashion. This brand needs people who want clothes for who they are. Not who they should be! Help this high-end fashion brand and people really connect.

Become part and get original DAMUR products

Everyone is invited to support this young fashion brand from 5 Euro up to 1.000 Euro and more. Every donation is also well rewarded. Supporters can get inter alia:
- an original DAMUR Washable Salmon Skin T-Shirt
- an original DAMUR Italian Steel Reversible Tote Bag
- an original DAMUR leather accessory

Those who would like to purchase a DAMUR product elsewhere can. Other items can be found on their E-store under or the stockists in London (Concept Store Y), Berlin (DAMUR Studio, Rauch und Groen Slow Fashion) and Taipei (AND Store).


Two years ago the DAMUR team was only two people. Today, it has grown to nine members with an international background. We have professional experience in fashion, textiles, art, design, film, photography, commercial marketing, communication, IT, and management. This brand is a necessary event in fashion. DAMUR's creative process flows from the world of car sharing and transparency. This movement has now reached fashion. A multi-cultural team presents fashion, both from and to an international world.